CA qualification in Canada?

I understand that CA is the top accounting qualification in Canada. Does it matter if one has obtained this qualification without giving Canadian exams (but by virtue of exemptions in all papers due to over 12 years of post qualification experience from another accounting professional accounting body). Theoretically not but what is the ground reality? May be an accountant can explain.

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  • 8 years ago
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    CA qualification

    Role of provincial institutes/Ordre

    In Canada, Chartered Accountants (CAs) are admitted to the profession through their provincial institutes/Ordre. These bodies are responsible for establishing and administering the qualification process, admission criteria and performance standards within their jurisdictions. Pre-qualification education is delivered regionally, through one of four systems across Canada:

    Atlantic Canada (which includes Bermuda)



    Western Canada (which includes the Territories)

    Role of Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants

    The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants’(CICA) role – in concert with all provinces, territories and Bermuda – is to develop and maintain consistent, uniform standards for the profession's qualification process. These rigorous uniform standards ensure the portability of the CA designation across Canada and internationally through numerous individual country agreements.

    International Credential Recognition

    International Credential Recognition - Learn MoreIndividuals with accounting degrees or professional accounting designations from many accounting bodies outside Canada are admitted to the Canadian profession under the terms and commitments of international qualifications.

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