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I think I am getting ill again..?

I been ill.. for 2 years (I can say so) the thing was I was afraid of diseases... from time to time , i had it and then it was gone like nothing happen....

First time 3years ago, I had head pain (strong pain) and I was afraid of dying and i thought that i have brain cancer for 100%, and things like that, i was depressed as well and everything, i was preparing to die. But after brain tests results were ok i was alright again...

The second time happen 1year ago, it was lasting 4-5 months... that time It wasn't just cancer, there was lymphoma, melanoma, tetanus, lung cancer, leukemia... and many many diseases i've been hitting the clinics to check them out, and once everything went ok I was calm...

Now, to be exact, today, I visited one facebook page where I saw people with cancer commenting, I watched a video, and things got messed in my mind, and I AM SCARED AGAIN, I think i'll get that fear again, that fear ruined me last time, i wasn't able to sleep, to eat, to drink, to go out, to talk, to live... and now I feel it coming ....

What do you suggest me to do? I consider myself as an intelligent human being, but fear is something different... Any help is appriciated!


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    Have the clinics told you about hypochondriacs? You are scared of dying and illness. I can not imagine a doctor not suggesting this disorder along with depression and proper treatment.

    Stop living in your head, make an appointment and follow recommendations. okay? Everything is going to be great and we are all going to die.

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