What are free-2-play (f2p) games or mmo that works on Windows 8?

I wanted to play GunZ and Aika but it is impossible now. First, GunZ is having error at load-up. I heard that Xtrap is so old that it stops GunZ from working in Windows 8. Xtrap is the anti-hack program I think. Second, Aika has now shut down.

It's my first time back to pc gaming since many years and the two games I wanted to play so much are out of my reach.

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  • Dani
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    7 years ago
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    League of Legends has 100+ champions. It's strategy based, you play in 5 and 3 person teams and basically try to take over the enemy base by defeating other champions and minions and stuff. Just watch the trailer. Free to play, still works on windows 8.


  • 7 years ago

    Age of Wushu is the right one.

    Official Site: http://www.ageofwushu.com/promotion/ob/a3

    Age of Wushu is a new martial arts-themed MMORPG directly from China's Snail Games Entertainment. The game covers 2,000 years of ancient Chinese Wuxia tradition, and boasts six unique character story arcs, allowing players to become real heroes in their own stories. With an innovative combat system, the absence of classes and a plethora of colorful historical locations, there is much to see and do in Age of Wushu.

  • Joan
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    4 years ago

    Lots of Perfect World games will work, like PWI, Forsaken World, Jade Dynasty etc. gPotato games work, like Allods. WoW works... Pretty much anything that doesn't use anything xtrap or hackshield related.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    get League of Legends for free here: http://bit.ly/1BDyf2a

    no surveys, no scams, just the full game!

    Two teams battle for supremacy across several battlefields and modes using champions. Every champion has its own design, movepool and playstyle.

    It's amazing.

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    go here------> http://www.onemorelevel.com/ <-------

    You will get a lot of games there.

    Also try here---------> http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/ <--------

    You'll also get a lot of games there.

    Hope I was a help.

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