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Thin hair at age 16? What is the problem nutrition?

I have always had thin hair but when I cut my long hair I noticed that the front of my scalp shows a bit. It's very noticeable and annoying. What can I do? I'm 16 and a male. My dad has perfect hair and he is 50. The only bald person in my family is my uncle.

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    If you regularly see a hair stylist, go and ask him/her. It could possibly be a nutrition problem, and if that's the case, ask your physician. If it were nutrition, you may want to really try and eat more vegetables, especially dark and rich leafy greens, drink plenty of water, get good calcium. If there's some things you don't prefer like certain vegetables or almost every vegetable, for example, you could always take multivitamins specified for men. I think you are of appropriate age -- I think to start taking multivitamins rather male or female, a good age gap is between 16-18. However, ask your physician that too next time you see him/her. Anyway, in some way, although I'm not an expert, I hope I helped! I wish you luck!

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    I'm not sure for a young male -- but you might try adding dark green veggies to your diet. blood that is too thin can cause hair loss. vitamin k keeps your hair from being too thin. vitamin K is in dark green veggies.

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