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JW's, when was the teaching of an earthly hope started?

The article below shows that for about 1900 years there was only one calling, the heavenly one, when did the society decide that JW's that joined after the 144000 number was filled would only have an earthly calling?

"For some 19 centuries after this there was only one calling, the heavenly one. It was an undeserved kindness that God bestowed on a limited number in furtherance of his own wise and loving purposes." United in Worship of the only True God p.111

Why did it take 1900 years to get 144000 heavenly hope JW's yet in a 100 years 7 million to the new hope of Paradise Earth?


@Vöt Änårж, Vot you saying? Is the quoted JW atricle above not correct?

Update 2:

Thank you @Sasi, for your good answer, here is another Watchtower quote..

"Hence, especially after 1966 it was believed that the heavenly call ceased in 1935." Watchtower 2007 May 1 p.30

Update 3:

Thank you @teller of truths or ? which ever you are using today, for showing that it is paradise and nothing to do with a mythical "Paradise Earth" even though you use the twisted NWT version and moved the comma to after "today" without valid translational reason.

As every Christian knows, Jesus answered him, "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise." and not the twisted version of, Jesus answered him, "Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise." Making it the only time Christ tells when it was said.

Update 4:

@*** The Earth has Hadenough***,I am very glad you know the exact whereabouts of Christ after He was entombed. Maybe you should do as you say and , "Stick with the facts" and not agree with scripture changed to suit your understandings.

Do you always follow Christ and show His love by calling others foolish and childish?

I understand why you don't understand....

1 Corinthians 2:14. The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

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    8 years ago
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    It was shortly after 1922 when Rutherford declared that in 1914 the heavenly part of God's kingdom was established and a "New Nation" was born. From that time they were to recruit and train a "Great Company" who would be carried through Armageddon to live in the earthly kingdom.

    "The Finished Mystery, written soon after Russell's death and published in 1917, made a series of bold statements about the expected demise of "false" Christianity. The spring of 1918, it said, would "bring upon Christendom a spasm of anguish greater even than that experienced in the Fall of 1914". God's day of vengeance, the book said, would "break like a furious morning storm in 1918", destroying "the churches wholesale and the church members by millions".

    When 1918 passed without sign of any fulfillment, the initial reaction was that the harvest had indeed finished and that the full complement of those destined for heaven (the "anointed remnant of the 144,000) had been assembled. The further delay in the arrival of the millennium was therefore interpreted in 1919 as a sign that the loyalty and powers of endurance of the "Kingdom class" were being tested, and that God was finding fault with some supposedly sanctified people.

    In a 1922 convention address, Rutherford retrospectively defined 1918 as the time when Christ "entered the temple for the purpose of judgment". He later wrote that it was only after 1918, when the Lord came to the temple, that it could be understood that 1914 had also marked the time when the heavenly part of God's kingdom was established and when a "New Nation" was born.

    From that time the Bible Student group was able to view itself as more than just an agency for completing the ranks of the 144,000 who would rule with Christ. With the "New Nation" already born, members were given a clear twofold purpose: (1) to recruit and train a "Great Company" who would be carried through Armageddon to live in the earthly kingdom and (2) to expose the machinations of the devil in trying to obstruct the kingdom's earthly establishment."

    My parents became Witnesses in the late 1930's and they were told that the heavenly calling had ended and they would be part of the "great crowd" who would (a) see the end of this "wicked system of things" during their lifetime and (b) they would live to inheret a paradise earth. Neither things happened during their lifetime.

    With hindsight, the Watchtower Society has had to rue that claim about the heavenly call ceasing in 1935 because last year, 12,604 Witnesses partook of the bread and wine. The numbers of the "anointed remnant" continue to increase.

    P.S. I'm very pleased to see Vot Anarx back on R&S. However, she wasn't around in the 1930's, unlike my parents, and like most Witnesses, appears to be in denial about the history of the organisation. I heartily recommend the link below to get a full picture of the extent to which the Society has been making false predictions.

    P.P.S. After looking further into this question, I must concede that Sasi has provided the only documented evidence about when the earthly hope was first introduced. The Bible Students believed in two groups, but that BOTH groups had a heavenly calling. After the death of Russell and the adoption of the name Jehovah's Witnesses, a lot of what the Bible Students believed (under Russell) was denounced. It wasn't until the 1930's that the original belief was altered and people like my parents were told that heaven was full up (the number of the 144,000 having been sealed) but they could hope to live forever on a paradise earth. Just look at the number of thumbs' down Sasi has received to realise what a raw nerve her answer has struck!

  • It began With the earliest of God's people that belief. Did you miss all of that in the early scriptures ??? Very good reading more should take a little more time to study it.

    The Jews didn't believe they would go to heaven or hell--they had no concept of that future for themselves. They believed in an earthy resurrection. When dead they often called it sleeping until God's day of resurrection. As they were taught by God's representatives on earth.

    So that belief began a long time ago

    Any heavenly hope at all came later with Jesus and his new promise of giving them a share of that hope and not all believers looked forward to it or understood all of this new hope for some even than.

    John 11:24

    Martha answered, "I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day." And she had been with Jesus many times and clung to his teachings. She didn't think her bother was in heaven. Certainly where one goes after death would be of prime concern.

    Jesus didn't correct the view some people had of a earthly hope. No at all.

    Because there was an earthly hope.


    And where was "Jesus" that day? Certainly not in Paradise according to other scriptures. You are twisting things or haven't read the scriptures well.

    And you should know about the yahoo glitch now. Plenty of post on that if you LOOK. Quit trying to make something out of nothing about Teller. It jut adds to your non creditability. That's just childish and foolish. Stick with "actual" facts.;_ylt=Aky7T...

    Add to your reply--the scriptures say where he was .One just needs to study it.

    If they are being foolish -yes. Christ and other Godly people did tell many when they were acting foolishly like children. Did you not read those parts too? You seem to have missed a lot in the scriptures. I don't call all that who disagree with me--sometimes if they are over acting childish and/or repeatedly I will. It can be a bad habit for some. Someone should tell them.

    And you were already told it was a yahoo glitch. Obviously you chose to ignore "that fact" and not look any further on it. And trying to discredit someone on something you made up in your mind and worst your trying to get others to accept that misinformation of what it was. And there is no good reason for it to try to get others to accept that as something it wasn't after you have been explained what it was. And something you can check on. It's childish .

    I suggest you look at your own scripture cited -you might asked yourself why you would push a lie onto others even after being told what it and what it was not as you are trying to promote . Why would you do that?

    You can change you know. People do all the time. Be more real and truthful about it now. As we all should be and working on it always. Your not the only one who has done that promoted something not true. And certainly not here. Happens to many--even some who are usually good . But how long are you going to keep up with this lie? How many people are you hoping to pull into this misinformation that you should know is not true now?

    Even if you believe different in your faith, you don't need to resort to promoting what isn't to others. That kind of behavior is what it is--childish. And fortunately for all of us You don't have to remain that way neither. Just correct it

  • 8 years ago

    You say: "when did the society decide that JW's that joined after the 144000 number was filled would only have an earthly calling?"

    Vot says your presumption is wrong on at least two points:

    a) The Society doesn't decide the destinies of anyone

    b) After the 144,000 number is filled (as you put it) it'll be too late for anyone to do any "joining".

    Ask JWs for a free home Bible study so that you can understand what you are reading.

    Source(s): Acts 8:30,31 "Philip ran alongside and heard him reading aloud Isaiah the prophet, and he said: “Do you actually know what you are reading?” He said: “Really, how could I ever do so, unless someone guided me?” And he entreated Philip to get on and sit down with him.
  • 8 years ago

    Mankind was created for life on earth, in contrast with Jesus, who was created for life in heaven. Psalm 115:16 Thus, Jesus said: “You are from the realms below; I am from the realms above.John 8:23 Jesus spoke of a wonderful future for mankind on earth. Once, he said: “Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth.Matthew 5:5 He was alluding to the inspired psalm that says: “The meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.Psalm 37:11, 29.

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Jesus told the convict "Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in Paradise.”

    Since this man evidently was a Jew, he needed no explanation about Paradise. He knew about the hope of everlasting life on earth in a world to come.

  • yesmar
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    8 years ago

    I'm not a JW, but to get to the heart of the matter, our "heaven" will be where God is, and that will be here on Earth. There is nothing in scripture that promises the believer to go anywhere else. Our promise in Jesus is "eternal life". Popular religion inserts "heaven".

  • 8 years ago

    Grey Tower and Sasi,along with Alexandria have answered it well. I just want to welcome Vot back to QA and joining in on some good questions. AS we all know that Paradise is in Heaven.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It was in the 1930s that the second President of the Watchtower Society introduced the earthly hope or calling. Prior to that, the first President taught that both the 144,000 and the great crowd would be two groups of people in heaven! (The New Creation page 93, published in 1904) Not many JWs know that. Nor that Russell taught that the invitation to become joint heirs with Christ ceased from 1881! He said that the gospel proclaimed thereafter would be to gather in a great crowd that would also go to heaven, but not as joint heirs with Christ. That is in his book "Thy Kingdom Come" page 218. It was published in 1891.

    So when was that debunked? 1931 saw the adoption of a new name, 'Jehovah's Witnesses', to distinguish them from the disenchanted Bible Students who objected to Russell's views being changed or dropped. Then, in the spring of 1935 Rutherford delivered a lecture on the subject of 'the great multitude'. (See Watchtower August 1935 and his book 'Riches'). Page 78 of his book says:

    "Jonadab represented or foreshadowed that class of people now on the earth during the time that the Jehu work is in progress who are of good will, are out of harmony with Satan's organization, take their stand on the side of righteousness and are the ones whom, if obedient and faithful, the Lord will preserve during the time of Armageddon, take them through that trouble, and give them everlasting life on the earth."

    That seems to be the first mention of the great crowd no longer going to heaven but having an earthly hope.

    It's tragic that although the Bible writers warn us not to accept as gospel any message different to the ones the apostles preached, and that the faith was delivered to the saints, once for all back then (Jude verse 3), JWs have swallowed this new teaching that was introduced because, clearly, Russell's confident predictions and dates had been shown to be false.

    Source(s): Counting the Days to Armageddon - Jehovahs' Witnesses and the Second Presence of Christ by Robert Crompton (James Clarke & Co, Cambridge, England, 1996)
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