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How to stop a lifter tapping on 04 ford f150 4x4?

I own a 2004 Ford f150 seems to run great other then a lifter has started tapping and it is driving me crazy. Is there any easy fix for this?

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    Neither the 4.6, nor the 5.4 use lifters. The Overhead camshaft directly open the intake and exhaust valves. It must be another noise.

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    There might be.

    Basically, you need to make sure that when you change your oil, you use an oil filter with a silicone anti-back flow valve. This keeps the oil in the cam phasars and valve gear after you shut down. If you use another oil filter--even one with a rubber anti-back flow valve, the light 5W20 oil will go past it.

    The result is no oil to these critical items on startup--especially on cold days. Over years, damage starts to accumulate.

    Source(s): Own a 2004 F-150 5.4.
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    No, once these fail any fix is only very temporary. Identify the unit and change for new. Do check oil pressure is ok now? As low oil pressure will start lifter noises though normally all at once.

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    Does it in straight forward words ensue once you enable off the gasoline? reason i had a noisy humming noise on my ford explorer and it became out to be the idle administration valve. it would want to come and flow at random situations.

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    You can also hear valve tap when the exhaust manifold gasket blows out or a bolt breaks

    Source(s): Fixed many Chevy V6's with that problem
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    If this engine is the 24 valve Triton v8 kiss the engine goodbye.

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    I used Sea Foam. It worked great.

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