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Do you think the Red Sox are for real?

Or do we need a little more time to say for sure. As a sidenote, I am a long time Bosox fan which means of course, that I hate the Yankees. However, that was one class act by New York with the "United we Stand" banner and the whole "Sweet Caroline" thing. I'll never cheer for the Yanks, but they have my respect for being so selfless.

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    Of course I believe the "Red Sox are for real" I also believe the same thing of them last season. The Red Sox had 20 different players, involving 23 stints, on the DL last year before the all-star break. They had three players, Crawford, Ellsbury, and Pedroia on the DL at the same time and each of them had played over 130 games with Boston the year before. Because of all the health issues they were forced to use 44 different players before the all-star break which was the most ever in Boston history. In all, starting players on the Boston team, including pitchers, missed a total of 945 games last year due to injuries. I have to believe that no team could have overcome these kinds of issues involving key players.

    The Red Sox have the horses to make it to the playoffs this year but they will have to avoid key injuries and catch a few breaks along the way.

    As far as the Yankees fans are concerned they are all Americans first and I would have expected nothing less from them regarding the events in Boston.

    Source(s): Boston DL report is from Elias.
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    No I don't think they are for real. Their pitching isn't going to continue to be this good. They've got pretty lucky. I don't understand the Sweet Caroline thing, I know it's played at Fenway during the 8th inning but that is a Neil Diamond song and has nothing to do with the city of Boston. So with that said I don't see how it was so classy that the Yankees fans sung it.

    And also Neil Diamond is from NYC in the first place.

    EDIT: Don't forget to give me several thumbs downs simply because I don't find playing a Neil Diamond song as classy.

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    Yes, I would call them a contender along with probably 10-12 other clubs. In the AL, you can probably write off the Astros, Mariners, Twins, maybe the Indians etc. So the remaining clubs will be in contention.

    I like the 1-2 punch of Bucholz and Lester. But with Hanrahan going on the DL, there has to be some concern over the closer role.

    Yankees. Of course the organization is all class, unlike a few of their players,

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    Too early to say for sure,but like our chances. I thought our division would be the hardest,toughes as jays,got lot better in off seasons,baltimore was quite a suprise last year,rays,were suppose to be Real great this year,and like you I hate the yanks,but heard they would be great this year too. No one was expecting much from us,I believe I heard we would battle for wildcard at best. So let's hope we can keep the suprises coming,and win the division,and then who knows,and ya yanks showed class sweet caroline,and banner.

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    I say we have a better chance then last year in our division, but give it some more time to know for sure whether we'll be in the running for the AL East

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    No, they're for fake. But sarcastic comments aside, it's still too early in the season to tell.

    @Cruz, what the hell is wrong with you? The rivalry is like it would be between two brothers. On our own the brothers poke fun at each other and give each other a hard time, but one won't have any mercy toward anyone who harms his brother, so may God have mercy on whoever causes harm.

  • yeah it really was a class act by the yanks and you just have to respect them for this.

    no they're for virtual

  • I predicted them as a playoff team so yes there a playoff team

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    it took a bombing for Yankee fans to show how "classy" they are LMFAO get real people stop falling for the media hype

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