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Which John green book(s) should I get?

Ok so recently fell in love with the other John green, I read looking for Alaska. And I have yet to read: paper towns, and the fault in our stars. What other books are worth buying and reading. Thanks.

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    ALL OF THEM!!!

    Trust me, I've read them ALL and they are all absolutely AMAZING! Read TFiOS next though, it's incredible and they're making it into a movie

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    The Fault in Our Stars is worth buying for sure, but I would make Paper Towns and Let it Snow library reads--you might love them, but you might think "Well, that was a cute story... but I didn't need to spend $20 on it!"

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    finding for Alaska is the terrific extremely. an extensive 2d terrific may be the Fault In Our Stars. regrettably, i did no longer like Paper cities in any respect. additionally, evaluate analyzing the comedy books to boot, An Abundance of Katherines replaced into very relaxing.

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    All of his books! I would particularly recommend Paper Towns.

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    I'd say all of them too there really great oh and can you please answer my question.;_ylt=Aj...

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