How can birth defects exist from chemical weapons when your religion preaches no evolution?

Approximately 5,000 women, men, and children died within days of the attacks. Long-term effects included permanent blindness, cancer, and birth defects. An estimated 10,000 lived, but live daily with the disfigurement and sicknesses from the chemical weapons.

Saddam Hussein's cousin, Ali Hassan al-Majid was directly in charge of the chemical attacks against the Kurds, earning him the epithet, "Chemical Ali."

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    My religion doesn't preach no evolution

  • 7 years ago

    "Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

    Maybe some were not taught correctly about evolution. If someone told them 'monkeys became humans' I'd see why they don't think its so credible, but if someone explained it to them and they still don't believe, then they're idiots. It happens. Anyway, there are examples that aren't so drastic. There where gray and white moths that camofauged with birch trees but when the industrial revolution happened and the smoke turned the trees gray, the white moths died and in the end there were only gray moths. Easy. But there will be people who don't believe it, and there's no point in arguing with someone who doesn't believe in science. Your arguments wont matter because they can just say 'the macaroni eel flew threw the jello to find the hate cheese' and without science, what they say could be true. You lose.

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    information-gaining mutations haven't been shown. Second, as a population grows larger, it is harder to fix new mutations in the population, because the cost of substitution is greater (this is Haldane’s Dilemma).3 Third, it assumes that the mutations that will be fixed are the sort that create new structures, such as lungs, feathers and wings. But it is becoming the consensus even among evolutionist geneticists that mutations are like spelling mistakes in an instruction manual, which overwhelmingly degrade information. These changes can be adaptive (helpful to survival or ‘beneficial’) in certain circumstances, but they are still heading in the wrong direction to make evolution tenable. This includes antibiotic resistance, wingless beetles on windswept islands, blind fish in caves, and chloroquine resistance in malarial parasites. A recent paper shows that even the “beneficial” mutations work against each other—it’s called antagonistic epistasis.

  • You do remember that evolution is supposed to go the opposite direction, right? That it is supposed to lead to species that live longer, not shorter, right?

    No one said the DNA molecule could not change, either for better or for worse. What is being argued here is not micro-evolution, which refers to changes in a species that make the species better. What is being argued here is macro-evolution, that those changes lead to entirely new species.

    THAT has never been documented, and the fossil record actually argues against it, not for it.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    My religion (Christianity) NEVER says we didn't evolve from apes, and since Evolution and my religion do not conflict I can happily believe in both. Now, a birth defect is not evolution, it's a birth defect

  • radle
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    4 years ago

    against? Christianity preaches faithfulness to a minimum of one companion and bringing little ones into the international responsibly interior a loving kin - sounds like an incredible start administration coverage. very lots doubt start administration might make any distinction to the climate although, yet howdy i could desire to be incorrect :)

  • 7 years ago

    People born with birth defects usually do not pass those on to their children; there could be exceptions but I don't know of any. Your question is actually illogical; you are making an assumption which is not based on fact.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Lol. Calley's comment.

    People make me smirk, sometimes. It's like not believing in atoms.

    Guys - we've got this. Like, really. Tour a lab - you get to *see* it if you want. =P

  • 7 years ago

    Has nothing to do with evolution.

  • 7 years ago

    Once again, your proof for a theory with the motto "Survival of the fittest" is that it gives us fatal diseases. *facepalms*

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