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Anonymous asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 8 years ago

The Boston Globe:it was supposed to have been a bomb drill at the same time of the terroist act. True?

This site states and shows details that prove many secret operatives were at the location concurrently with the explosion of the bombs. What are your opinions?


That makes sense, really. It matches with the Buitron $900.00 shoes the youngest was wearing, the only studying half day and the Mercedes Station wagon he had. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    If the bomber(s) had threatened the city of Boston and demanded payment (as suggested in the post by "no name"), those facts should have been presented in the press conferences following the event.

    Instead, Governor Deval Patrick clearly stated that "...There was no specific intelligence that ANYTHING was going to happen..."

    (skip ahead to 1:10 for short segment showing the conference).

    The Governor may be telling the truth; it is also possible that he did not want to face the consequences of admitting prior knowledge. In any case, he and all others concerned cannot now change what has been said.

    As stated in the first part of the above-linked video, it has come out that there may have been "training exercises" in progress at the event at the time of the explosions. According to the University of Alabama running coach Alistair Stevenson, there were announcements informing people that there were "training exercises in progress".

    If so, this will go down as yet one more act of terror where we later learn that "by coincidence", there was a training drill being carried out at exactly the same time and place as the act of terror.

    What's really significant in this story is the fact that the entire population of a major US city was ordered into lock-down over four days while an unusually high number of security forces searched for what they already knew was a lone teenager. The display of force was massive and visually menacing. Such acts of terror are not unprecedented; the scale of this reaction was.

    However, to call it ridiculous would be naive. We are witnessing the early stages of a gradual acclimatization of an all-too-compliant public. Wake up people.

  • 8 years ago

    Craft Security, FBI, Blackwater, all were there on the scene. They were warned by the bombers ahead of time but didn't cancel the race.

    The bombers were into extortion. They wanted money from the city, and if they didn't get it they will kill people.

    Chechen rebels have used this type of extortion many times to get money, prisoner exchanges etc.

    The city refused to pay them obviously.

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