Gandhi's view on Colonialism?

What is Gandhi's view of colonialism? How will independence be achieved?

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    8 years ago
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    Gandhi was against colonialism. He attempted to achieve independence by passive resistance. For example: During the salt march he encouraged thousands of people to go against the law by going to the Indian ocean and making their own salt because. He believed it their right because it was on their native land. As a result the british troops came in and violently beat/killed people. This was a form of passive resistance because this new became World wide and people were exposed to how the british colonizers treated the natives and they question why people would be beaten for simply making their own salt. Hope this example helps:)

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    4 years ago

    however Mahatma Gandhi replaced into super, the independence of India replaced into no longer performed with the help of his efforts on my own. there replaced into yet another team working which believed in Kranti (revolution, no longer non violent however) concurrently. What hastened the technique of British leaving the country continues to be arguable. yet we could desire to offer him his due for he had chosen a very perplexing and unusual course which inspired maximum folk. that throughout the time of itself is a super success. The British respected his perspectives yet countless the guy Indians ought to no longer and he replaced right into a sufferer of what he abhorred.... His philosophy is time ingesting and desires a super variety of endurance yet continues to be efficient.....

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