What to get my girlfriend on our 4 months?

Well tomorrow is mine and my girlfriends 4 months, me and her a super strong, like we always talk about our future so in depth, we talk about everything together, we both know eachothers family like the back of our hands, we never argue or fight, we're just so in love.

But I need to get her a good gift, like Im getting her 4 flowers ( our routine, I get her the flowers equivalent to the month, like 1 month : 1 flower, 2 month : 2 flowers, etc) but I want to get her something else too, flowers seem to be getting boring for me, I have a feeling shes getting me a teddy bear, so thats out of the question, Im not great with writing, like poems and such, I want to get her something she will remember :3 Any advice?

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  • Lady
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    7 years ago
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    Get her some of her favorite perfume or 4 balloons instead of the flowers.

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  • 7 years ago

    It would probably be best to hang onto your money & not be the type who throws money around. Flowers are indeed nice, though. I doubt if the young lady will find them boring. An alternative would be a treat of something fun to eat either at a cafe or restaurant or at home. Doesn't have to be chocolate candy to be a special treat, although those are good if that's what the two of you prefer.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    4 months is a little early to be doing anything too serious friend. Stick with the flower thing that is actually pretty good. If you want to add intro it maybe take her to a nice dinner. Maybe also get her a box off chocolates. Hope this helps.

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  • 4 years ago

    properly one subject you ought to do because you are going to make it particular. Take her to the mall in the event that they have a build a submit to workshop, and have her build her submit to and then she'll love that subject continually! it is going to likely be something she would be in a position to sleep with that reminds her of you and how plenty you look after her. Wait I disagree, I dislike it whilst adult men supply me jewerly it form of sounds like they are attempting to purchase me. properly that could desire to be with the aid of fact i'm no longer a materialistic woman, I desire thoughful issues. So in the adventure that your woman like thoughful issues extra efficient then materialistic stuff pass with my opinion! stable success!

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