What are my chances of getting into either York or Ryerson University?

Currently, I hold a 3.08 Actual GPA and 2.9 accumulative GPA in my finance program at George Brown College. I looked up both university and found out that York University wants a 3.0 accumulative and Ryerson wants a 3.2 GPA actual and accumulative GPA. The thing is my rubric of GPA is different from the university's rubric. George Brown 3.0 stands for a 76% average whereas both university's 3.0 GPA stands for 70% average. I clearly have a higher average then what is required but do they even go by the percentage? Also I heard that York University is easier to get into for some reason and I just want you feedback if it's actually true. I also heard that I have a better chance of getting accepted if I apply for part-time then go full-time? Lastly I just wanted to know if there is any other way I could get into these university with a higher chance of acceptance?

*My 3-year diploma is a year bridge program to Ryerson

I know I am in the wrong section but nobody is in the educational section... and im kinda desperate for answers :(

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    The percentage minimums on their websites are percentages for application only, and they have no basis in whether or not you will be accepted. Students who are accepted, as in all Universities, typically have a GPA of .3 to .5 points higher than the minimum requirement for application. Of course, as a Transfer Student, it also depends upon the number of current students who have dropped out or transferred out of the programme that you want to apply to. It is easier to get into York as a Transfer student, as they are a much larger school, and therefore, have more current students switching programs.

    I don't know where you are getting your information about GPA's at each of the schools, but it is absolutely wrong. If you go to the actual school websites, you'll find their Grading scales:

    Ryerson's current GPA scale is a 73% to 76% for a 3.0 (A 70% is a 2.67).


    York University's current GPA scale is a 9 point scale - a 70% to 74% is a 6.0, which is a B.


    And, here is George Brown's grading scale: (as you'll see, it is very close to Ryerson's)

    90-100 A+ 4.0

    86-89 A 4.0

    80-85 A- 3.7

    77-79 B+ 3.3

    73-76 B 3.0

    70-72 B- 2.7

    67-69 C+ 2.3

    63-66 C 2.0

    60-62 C- 1.7

    57-59 D+ 1.3

    50-56 D 1.0

    0-49 F 0.0

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    Ryerson Gpa Scale

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    if you're unsure about your marks you should re-take some courses that you didn't do so well in .

    If they are checking highschool marks too you can take courses online through ILC.org.

    You should probably call them though and see what they say?

    York and Ryerson probably don't differ in being selective for who they accept if you compare them to Queens or McMaster

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