Conditional Probability Question?

1. A die is rolled. What is the probability that it is a 5, given it is greater than 3?

- Would I do P(5)= n(1)/n(60

= 1/6?

2. A card is drawn from a deck of cards. What is the probability that it is a jack if you know that it is a face card?

- Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    P1 = 1/3

    P2 = 1/4 (if Ace is a face card, else 1/3)

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  • Billy
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    7 years ago

    Let x be the roll.

    It can't be 1/6, since we already known the die is going to be 4,5 or 6 (we're given X>3). Since it can only be 1 of these 3 values, our answer is 1/3.

    Formally, we could also use:


    P(X=5 and X>3)/P(X>3)=


    Note the intersection of event "X=5 and X>3", which reduces to "X=5" because this satisfies both event X=5 as well as X>3.



    P(jack|face card)=

    P(jack and face card)/P(face card)=

    P(jack)/P(face card)=


    Of course in general, conditional probabilities don't reduce like that. But in these cases they do, because the numerator event is a subset of the denominator event.

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