Can i restore my computer to what it was 3 hous ago? (xp)?

I was trying to "unclutter" my computer a bit, and accidentally removed a bunch of windows components, such as IE Explorer, Utilities and Tools, free games that came with the computer, and the "quick launch" bar in the lower left side of the screen next to the "Start" button. I downloaded and re-installed IE Explorer but now i can't even find it, and all my utilities and everything else i erased, are gone. Can i restore my computer to where it was 3 hours ago? Is this possible? I'm using Windows XP pro, if that helps.....

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  • 8 years ago
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    Only if it created a system restore point. Also, System Restore does not affect deleted files. If you want to do it quick, save your important files to an external Hard drive and boot it off of the recovery partition.

  • Arnak
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    8 years ago


    Not unless you made a system restore point or made a backup before you made the changes.

    It also depends on how you removed them, if you just deleted the files they may still be in the recycle bin.

    If they are in there then you can send them back to the original location.


  • 8 years ago

    Go to the start menu and search for all your stuff. If this doesnt help call staples and see if they can fix it. Good luck!

  • 8 years ago

    NO but look, at your restore points and you can do one of those

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