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Eating more than the daily value? Is this dangerous?

Hi, so today I had these small, tasty chicken sausage snacks. On the Nutrition Facts section it stated that every 2 pieces = 140 calories, 12% Fat, 15% Trans/saturated fat, 11% sodium. I had about 12-15 maybe? I didn't know that only two pieces would have so much. Could this be dangerous? Could I have a heart attack or something? I am also physically unfit/inactive. I am 15 years old. Thanks.

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    Wow.... 12-15 of them? And they have TRANS FAT? The worst fat of all that no human should ever ingest? The hell is wrong with you?????

    Please... please learn from this and don't bloody eat anything like that, to that amount, again. Especially anything with Trans fats, as your body cannot digest it or use it in any way, shape or form, so it just gets stored as fat, and clogs ur arteries.

    Eat more fiberous foods and drink more water, and if your eating due to boredom or pity eating, then do something to take your mind off of it, like play video games.

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    Well if you eat excessively every day like this then you should be concerned. You should take a nutrition class to understand what you need to eat. If you don't have access to a nutrition class look up online at my pyramid. gov and other websites like that. Try to get active so you don't put yourself at risk for diabetes, obesity, and other health problems. If you only eat poorly rarely than its no big deal. Figure out what you should be eating and how much of it to eat.

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