Can you delete a "resolved" question on Yahoo! Answers?

Suppose you asked a question which you later simply wished you hadn't... and it gets resolved (best answer chosen by yourself or voters) before you realize that you REALLY don't want that question to be available for everyone to see, like, forever, but you also don't wish to make your profile "private". How can you get this question removed??

Thanks in anticipation!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    You can only delete open questions yourself via the Edit button.

    Resolved questions with a best answer and undecided questions in voting cannot be deleted by users and go into a database that can be used for searching. They can only be deleted by Yahoo!.

    The deletion of resolved questions with a best answer and the deletion of undecided questions can only be done by Yahoo! if you contact them by email and the questions must be of a very personal nature that discloses some very personal details that are causing you a lot of anguish and perhaps a lot of embarrassment as well.

    The relevant email addresses are and (in Australia)

    The missing "e" in "answrs" above is intended.

    If enough people report resolved questions or undecided questions in voting they will be deleted by Yahoo!.

    Unfortunately, you or Yahoo! cannot delete anything that has ended up in Google and/or other websites so you need to be very careful what you post in Y!A as you never know where it might end up. Q & A can be poached from the Y!A Main Board by other websites.

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    there have been a number of, the two Q's and A's, however the only that sticks in my memory became into asking the question "what's a c*av?" From seeing the interest in context, it regarded like it became into Brit slang for something or different, yet i could not be certain only what it would desire to be, not myself being British. besides, it became into deleted because of the fact somebody took offense, so I published it back, and have been given it deleted back. might desire to be something relatively awful! That 2nd letter could be h, via the way. and that i nonetheless do not comprehend what it means.

  • 8 years ago

    You can't, sorry. Resolved questions belong to the site permanently, unless deleted as a violation.

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    i would like to delete automatic generated prolific answers to a request for a yahoo answer

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