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What hamster is better; Robos or Winter Whites?

I am getting a couple dwarf hamsters and putting them in a large aquarium. I was going to get winter whites so i went to a store and held it and it was very nice and also healthy but there was only one so i went to a couple other store but i couldnt find any more, but i did find robos. They were hyper but i could pick them up and calm them down and seemed very nice. Im wondering which i should get because robos are so cute but i really like winter whites so im not sure. Please give nice answer and have a reason aswell please. Thanks!!!

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    This is if you chose to get a winter white: I find them much more nicer and easier to take care of then robos ive had both: :)

    Cage Requirements: Large, chunky adults can live in standard hamster cages, but, baby, juvenile and small adult Winter Whites can potentially squeeze through the bars of a standard Syrian cage, therefore either a narrow bared “mouse cage” should be used (although these can be small in size) or plastic enclosed cages can be used: for example: Ferplast Duna’s or Savic Rody cages. Alternatively glass tanks can be used. The cage/tank size should reflect the number of hamsters housed in it. A cage can never be too big! But often too small.

    Bedding: Shredded paper nesting material is available in pet shops. It is strongly recommended that you don’t use “cotton wool” type beddings as these can impact in the hamsters gut if accidentally swallowed.

    Diet: Good quality dry hamster mix consisting of a variety of nuts & seeds. Hamsters are omnivores and therefore enjoy a varied diet. Small portions of fruit & vegetables can be fed including: carrot, cucumber, sweetcorn, apple& broccoli. As omnivores hamsters enjoy some meat in their diets, for example cooked chicken can be fed. A hard dog biscuit can be given, knawing on this will keep the hamsters continually growing teeth in trim, and they enjoy the taste too. Hamsters will also enjoy pasta, egg, potato& rice (all cooked).

    Hamsters very much enjoy “milky” foods, for example: porridge made with cows milk or rice pudding.

    Milky foods are practically good for nursing mums, weaning babies and older hamsters.

    You must NOT feed your hamster anything sticky like human chocolate or toffee and please avoid strong tasting foods like onions, lemons, limes etc.

    Handling: Hamsters purchased from a good reputable breeder should be fairly well hand tame when you purchase them, however they may still be a little fast to handle at first.

    Commercially bred hamsters often have received little or no handling and therefore can take a little longer to become confident with their owner. I personally find the best way for your hamster of any species to become confident with you is to hand feed them tasty treats, they soon realise that you are someone good and they learn to trust you.

    Your hamster may be nervous when you first retrieve it from the cage, always wait until your hamster is fully awake before picking them up.

    The best way to pick up your hamster is to cup you hands underneath them.

    Until your hamster is confident with you I would recommend you handle your hamster either over its cage, or sitting on the floor or on the settee for example, that way if your hamster leaps suddenly from your hands they only fall a short distance rather then plummeting to the floor.

    Exercise: Hamsters of all species very much enjoy wheels, and Winter Whites are no exception.

    Hamsters can run on their wheels for many hours each night, which is good exercise for these active creatures.

    Toys: Dwarf hamsters very much enjoy having places to hide and explore in their cages.

    A number of plastic toys are available in pet shops, but you can also provide many “free” toys, for example toilet roll tubes make good tunnels and tissue boxes or “cup a soup” boxes make good hiding places and can also be used as a sleeping box.

    Health: Hamsters can suffer from many of the health conditions that we humans do. Occasionally an older hamster may suffer a stroke or a tumour.

    Winter Whites, as all rodents have continually growing teeth, and these should be checked on a regular basis to make sure they don’t become overgrown, thus preventing the hamster from eating properly.

    The nails on Dwarf hamster’s feet can grow very fast and these will need to be trimmed on a regular basis.

    Important Note: Russian Dwarf Winter Whites are one of two very similar species, the other being the Russian Dwarf Campbell. To the novice owner these species can look so similar that they are unable to tell them apart, however it is very important that these two species are not cross species bred resulting in hybrid offspring whom can inherit health problems.

    Source(s): I had 19 winter white + 8 robo
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    I've had both. Robos are really cute, but are soo hard to play with and they bite sometimes. Winter whites are known to be a nice breed of hamsters, that is what I have now. I would get a winter white if I were you.robos are loud at night. Winter whites are kinda loud too, but not nearly as bad. Also, if you don't already have food for them, try to find sunflower seeds only cause that's all they eat

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    Well I have always have Russian Dwarfs! Which are closer to winter whites but not quite the same. Still it's in the same ball park! Well in fact it's really close to the same thing. But I know a lot about both russians, winter whites and robos!

    Personally I would suggest the Winter Whites! Why? They are less active... robos can be very hard to handle even if they have the proper personality's and good taming. They are extremely fast and energetic. And this is silly but personally they run to fast on the wheel it scares the living crap out of me. I watch videos on youtube where they launch off of the wheel while running and go flying! In fact this can kill or hurt them badly! Any hamster can be hurt from the wheel in different manners but I imagine the robo has the most casualties. They are insanely fast and energetic at times and I have had a russian dwarf fly off of a wheel and break it's leg before. I have seen robos run like 7 times as fast! lol Well maybe it just looks that fast but they are at least a fair bit faster.

    So even that fact alone scares me but it's probably not that big of a deal but it's scary to me.

    Next this should not be an issue but robos need larger cages! In reality you should be getting a decent sized cage anyhow. For two dwarfs of any kind you need at least a 360 square inch cage! More likely 400+ square inches. So thats at least a 20 gallon long cage but a 30 gallon or longer is highly recommended. If your getting robos cage size is even more important and the very smallest I would suggest for two is like a 30 gallon long. Which is what I would suggest for any single hamster in most situations anyhow. But 360 is good enough for one.

    You will find that all dwarfs are more energetic and faster, and usually like to be held less... and may even bite more at first! Compared to any Syrian Hamster. But than again for the most part things will be fine. Taming and time can fix anything usually. But dwarfs themselves can be handful even more so with 2+ Robos are a lot more of a handful from what I know.

    The final issue is that don't listen to what anyone says! Even more so pet store employees or owners! Dwarf Hamsters can and will usually fight. If the fighting is not excessive and does not lead to any wounds, and than it's normal and usually alright. But it can easily get out of hand and usually gets worse with time. There is at least a small chance that no matter what you do one day they will need to be split up. I guess it mainly falls to how well the cage it setup, how much personal experience you have but mainly there personality and overall luck on how well they will get along together.

    The larger the cage with more places for them to run, hide and explore the better the will fair. There are no guarantees but usually they will do alright together.

    But don't be fooled even a year later it might get out of hand and they may need to be split up forever. Sometimes this happens much sooner in life. And sometimes it never happens. I have had plenty of groups together from pairs to large groups of six. For the most part things are fine. I have had troubles but I plan ahead and know that anything is possible so always be prepared for both outcomes.

    Dwarfs can live alone and should be fine if they need to be separated later on. But you should be fine.

    So I suggest the Winter Whites but robos are also great. You probably know this already but Syrian Hamsters cannot be caged together. Only some types of dwarfs can. Both females and males tend to get along about the same. I have heard mixed results about which sex is better. Overall I have only had experience with males. But from reading questions on YA and reading on other sites I have seen that it really makes no difference.

    Source(s): Owned 7 Syrian Hamsters 15+ Russian Dwarf Hamsters
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    the best one is a winter white because if u want to tame a hamster to do tricks it takes a while to train a robo. I have robo's and I got them fo my b-day and I didn't go with my uncle ad I wanted a winter white but he got me robo's it takes a while for robo's to get used to you and its very easy to get winter whites used too you

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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    i love the winter whites, there is more of them to hold and cuddle with and they are fairly friendly and tame to begin with... robos are a bit more skittish and fast people say they are more "watch and look" pets"

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    I suggest either winter whites. I also suggest you do not get them from petsmart because they have not been honest with the stories or facts.

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