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Am i attention seeking?

So this question got reported last time and i don't see anything wrong with it.. but my life hasn't been easy important currently in foster care. Enough said. But I've learned to cope by using self harm and starving. Its just what i do. The skinner i get the "happier" i am is this for attention or am I just broken 15 year old girl?

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    I wouldn't say it's attention seeking, since you are actually going through a harm time in life. The people who do it for attention are the people that self harm because their favourite popstar smoked weed and then post the pictures on twitter! Say if you're going around telling EVERYONE about your problem, it may come across as attention-seeking as it would look like you wanted everyones sympathy. But with that said, if you are actually feeling really down, self-harming and have an eating disorder then you should talk to people like your close friends, foster carers and probably a therapist aswell as they could help you. Hope I helped! Good luck with everything:) xox

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    First of all it seems like your just doing it for attention but I'm no therapist. Life is too short to ***** and moan over every goddamn thing. Don't be a girl be a woman. I know your only 15 but still. I'm a 19 guy and I used to cut and burn myself when I was younger so I know how it is. Also if you have a problem don't go around screaming "OMG I HAVE A PROBLEM FACEBOOK I HAVE A PROBLEM EVERYONE I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!!" Instead keep that **** to yourself and say "hey I have a problem, and that **** is unacceptable. Say How can I fix this problem and then do it. If you hate who you are then become a stronger person and become someone that your proud to be. Don't be an attention seeking ******* no one likes that **** and 99% of people don't care. I wish I would have had someone to tell me this when I was 15. Good luck.

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    Life is never easy and with that said i suggest you to EAT, self harm isn't really helping you either. I assume you are harming yourself due to that fact that you're in foster care with no "real" parents thus not knowing how to express yourself like any normal kid/teen/adult. I'm guessing because of this, you do crave attention, but then again that's my assumption. Try to make the best out your life. Sure life sucks and we must grow and adapt to whatever comes our way, but making it worst by physically harming the one person you should only care about...YOU..is not only making it worst but may lead to suicide. Don't worry about anybody else or the attention you desire to seek, ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE and most importantly...Live Life!

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    You just need health help actually, broken doesn't come close to this. Broken is beyond repair like you have nothing absolutely nothing but look at you; you have internet. Just try not to make your body long term effects because of your self harm. Later on it can affect your job and that will screw you in todays world. The world outside of school is not as cute as it is in school, some people will destroy you so over come this s*** stage so that you can actually have an awesome teenage life.

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