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What labels/brands mistreat their workers?

I know some of them are: Apple Inc, Walmart, adidas, Nike... What else? Is there a website that lists them all? Also which are the good companies we should be buying from.


fustercluck you obviously did no research at all... do the research first than come talk. There is no debate whether these brands mistreat their workers. For Apple for instance, some workers committed suicide. So as a response, Apple made workers sign that they would never try to commit suicide and also put nets around the factories so if they jumped they wouldn't die. Don't be ignorant.

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    Every one of the companies you mentioned treat their workers very well. They give training to employees and pay above the prevailing salaries.

    WalMart and Apple have contracts with suppliers which provide higher wages and safer conditions than local laws require.

    Learn what you are talking about. Don't accept the union line. Unions want to force everyone to belong

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