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How do I fill in a large hole in styrofoam?

I have a wine cellar in the basement (its underneath the outside stairs) and it is "insulated" by a wall of 3" styrofoam. When I was moving things around, I noticed a large hole, about 5" in diameter right through the styrofoam. The pieces of styrofoam balls has fallen off (or possibly chewed through by mice?). How do I fill it? What do I use?

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    1st go to menards or whereever you can pick up some styrofoam with the same thickness.

    2nd cut the hole so it looks more clean. (square)

    3rd styrofoam is weaker than the glue you would apply so use super glue to hold it.


    You can do this

    Go to menards or home depo if get some insulation foam its called Great Stuff Pro 24 oz can than spray it in the hole and it will really expand so dont go gun ho with it. Than get a spackle knife to keep it flush on the wall. It may be a different color though.

    For the insulation

    For a spackle knife picture:

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    Styrofoam makes use of: fanfold (1/four insulation board) thicker panels that are 4x8 sheets however are nonetheless insulation insulation around pipes cups coolies (there are some that are product of styrofoam and you put your can in it) plates coolers (the low priced ones to place beer in) packaging materials

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