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So i have a B.C Rich Kerry King Signature V Generation 2 Guitar, and a Fender Mustang II Amplifier and i have been playing casually with my friend who plays drums for some time now. We play some Avenged Sevenfold songs and Metallica and other metal songs. We learn lots of other song and do improv, and we are thinking about trying out for a church band ( I'm not religious at all, but i want to peruse a career in music ) .

I want to know what kind of petals i could buy that would allow my guitar to sound more like Synyster Gates or something that sounds Heavy but also clean like the guitar does in A7X or Metallica and lots of other metal bands. I have no idea what im looking for with petals and im not even really sure if my AMP is good enough to be playing those kinds of songs. I think it sounds pretty good but i could be wrong. I know what Synyster Gates uses on stage so i dont really need a list of what he uses. I want to know what i could use that would be affordable but sound great. Also some info on what different kind of petals do would be fantastic.

Im 15 turning 16 so i dont really have a steady job to go out an buy everything i want, so i rely on gifts and holiday to get guitar gear from my parents or money i earn. I am extremely interested in music and don't plan on giving up on it any time soon.



I stated that i already know what equipment Gates uses.. But obviously i cant afford or use everything he uses, it would have been nice to know what some of the petals he uses do, or which one i am best off buying? Please read everything people write

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    8 years ago
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    The link goes to Gates' equipment page.

    Basically, if you want to find somebody's equipment, go to Google and type in '[name] equipment', and click on the UberProAudio.com page if it's there.

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