Did I said the right thing?

So one of my crushes friends asked me if I I liked _____ (my crush) and I said yes because he keeps asking me if I like him and I always say I don"t know but finally I said yes. The thing is that I don't really know if I like him because sometimes I think he does like me (his friends tell me that sometimes) but other times it seems like he hates me . I hear rumours that he doesn't like sometimes too. so I am confused but I said yes anyway. I thought that next year we are going to high school and there's only 2 months left, I don't think I am ever gonna see him again either so he might as well know (but he already does because last year I wrote him a love letter). Is just that I don't know if he likes me back. I make it so much easier for him ! I told his friend YES! when he I don't even know if he likes me but I am scared cuz what about if he doesn't like me and he knows that I like him. I will just look like a loser in front of him. So did I do the right thing by saying yes.

P.S Sometimes I like him and sometimes no, It's because I am not sure how he feels about me. Also it makes me wonder because if his friends keep asking me (why do they care so much) . Is it because my crush wants to know ? anyway sometimes I think he doesn't care (but maybe he's pretending)

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  • 7 years ago
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    YOLO! You did good, but do tell him you are cold or just ask for a hug. During the hug, press your abdomen against his abdomen. If you feel a sausage-shaped lump grow in his pants, this will tell you he likes you. You don't have to tell him you know, but do this anytime you want to be reassured.

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