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Sam asked in PetsDogs · 8 years ago

Dog drinks a lot of water....?

Both our Pug x JR's(Rosco & Khloe) get Crated during the day, while my Malamute(Baloo) and Large breed mutt (Nani) are outside, and Rosie the husky pup spends the day in my room.

I wake up every morning at 6am. I take my dogs out for a walk then they're left to run around the house until i leave for school at 8:20am. They are then in there crates until 11:30 are taken out then alowed to run around until i leave for school again at 12:15. Then they're in there crates until 3:30pm. i then take them out and they're left to run in the house/yard until i go to bed at 11-12 at night.

anyways onto my question, My dogs water is NEVER empty, so the whole time they have to run around they can drink as they please. Rosie has water in my room, Baloo & Nani have a pail outside thats filled every day, but Rosco and khloe cant have water dishes in there crates. Rosco just drinks a little at a time when let out of his crate however Khloe stands there and drinks until she gets bloated, and then the poor thing waddles around and attempts to get comfortable, but she cant. I assume dogs like humans get a tummy ache when they drink to much water to fast? How can i prevent her from doing this?


@EvandroP...She's in her crate for atleast 3 hours before getting out and filling herself full of water. She cant do anything in her crate that would be considered "active"/

Update 2:

@Tee...They share a bowl. There are 2 separate bowls but they prefer to drink out of 1 bowl together. We had her checked for it in February, and the vet stated she was fine.

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