Need a small list of careers dealing with electronics to major in College?

I'm a freshman in college and im undecided on my major, I dont want anything with health science or government/politics. I do like being around technology and I looked up types of technicians, a Computer Technician looks alright, working and installing programs with computers and I looked up Electrical Engineering, can anyone please tell me any other kinda similar careers dealing with technology to help me look at and find a major? Thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Most technology careers require one of the following degrees:

    Electrical Engineering (EE) - focuses not just on computer hardware but any sort of electrical equipment from huge electrical plants to tiny transistors the width of a strand of hair.

    Computer Engineer (CE) - focuses more on computer hardware, as well as the software that runs on it.

    Computer Science (CS) - Whereas EE is all hardware, CS is all software.

    Information Technology (IT) / Information Systems (IS) - Sort of a specialization of CS and CE that focuses on providing computing services. These are the people responsible for the day to day maintenance of networks and servers, making sure your email account works, that eBay is running smoothly, etc.

    A few sample careers:

    Software developer - aka "Programmer". You create software. This could be a new spell checker for MS Word, or a some sort of new feature for a payroll program. Software is everywhere. Even in your car, your phone, your appliances... Recommended degrees: CS or CE.

    Hardware developer - You help design and create the chips and boards all that fancy software runs on. Recommended degrees CE or EE.

    Quality Assurance - aka "Tester" - If someone builds it, someone else has to make sure it works before it goes to the customer. Whether it be hardware, software, or both, your job is to make sure it works the way it's supposed to, and report bugs when it doesn't. Recommended degrees: EE, CS, CE (depending on the product)

    System Administrator - "Sysadmin", "IT" - You keep the company's servers and network up and running, as well as keeping everything secure. If you do your job well, most folks will never know you exist. Unfortunately when something goes wrong, EVERYONE will know who you are... Recommended degrees: CS, CE, IT/IS

    The technology industry is rapidly changing. Heck when I was in school studying CS, the entire field of Software Quality Assurance was in its infancy. You literally sat down and used the product, and recorded the results. Nowadays you write fancy programs to do the testing for you.

    Because the industry changes so quickly I would advise you to choose EE, CE, or CS, depending on your particular leaning towards hardware or software. Your degree does not lock you into specific jobs or careers. I'm a CS major and my current job is testing hardware and BIOS, for instance. At the bachelor's level, any of these 3 degrees will give you a broad range of knowledge to enable you to go into a variety of fields within the industry. If you later decide to specialize on a particular topic, say, networking, you can always go back for a masters or even PhD later on. Your employer may even pay for you to go back to school.

    Source(s): I also highly recommend you try to get part time jobs related to computers. Most colleges will hire students to run their IT department, for instance, and also have an intern program to help you get real world experience with real companies. Explore every opportunity you can!
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