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Are frequent replacement silicon hydrogel lenses just around the corner?

I got an email from Orion Vision Group saying they had opaque colored silicon hydrogel lenses available. They were priced so I would have to charge my patients from $80 to $100 each but they were available. Will Alcon be far behind with colored Air Optix? Will we come up with another reason why people shouldn't wear colored lenses when these are available? Is Visticon stopping production of Acuvue 2 Colors because Oasys Colors are coming soon?

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    Dang....just as that colored lenses nonsense seemed to be almost done and over with. The light at the end of the tunnel was actually a train coming.

    It shouldn't be surprising, there is bucks to be made for the ones who can bring life back to the color lens market....although I wasn't missing it.

    Somehow, I doubt they will go the FRP route again, they are raking in too much with the monthly and bi-weekly schedules , although it would be good for consumers for color lenses to be FRP lenses. It would justify the cost at least.

    Thanks for the bulletin....not sure if it's good or bad news....

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