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My MARA orthodontics appliance is hurting?!?

Hi I just got a appliance for my braces its called a MARA. I haven't got the arms yet cause my teeth haven't moved enough but I'm getting them next week. Anyway, the things on the bottom mollers are digging in and cutting the insides of my cheeks so bad. They are leaving big gouges so it hurts to smile chew and open my mouth more than just a few centimetres. HELP! Has anybody had it before?

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    I just saw one your answers. If you think texting is more romantic than telling her you're a ****. That's a really wise answer and I agree with you. Guys are just not talking to girls and telling them they're good. Anyway, sorry this thing is bothering you. Its very hard for someone to help with this, only your dentist can help so schedule an appointment with her/him and tell her/him what is happening and to fix it. I haven't had braces or appliances, sorry due to weird personal reasons. I went to the dentist to get braces when I was 13 and got the moulds and everything but my dad started getting his teeth fixed and I never got the braces. Weird, sad story. Anyway hope you go see your orthodontist and they can help you with this properly.

    Also this is unrelated but remember to eat fruits and drink a lot of water everyday.

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