how do i install program on another hard drive?

I'm rather savvy when it comes to technology and computers, so please don't baby talk me. However some programs that i try to install don't give an option for installation on a drive other than C. I'm using a small SSD that's large enough for the operating system and any drivers or updates, but it's not big enough for a full blown out program. Is there any way to trick the program when installing to make it install on another drive?

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    7 years ago
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    If you open a command line window (MS-DOS) you can create a symbolic link which will make the operating system act as if a folder is in one place when it's really elsewhere, such as on another drive. Before Steam included the option to install games on other drives that's how I'd do it. The command you need is:

    mklink /J [original folder path] [new folder path]

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  • 7 years ago

    When you go to install the programme you should get the default path but you should also get a option for custom install click on that then choose your other hard drive

    OK thumbs down for a correct answer ..... oh well lol

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