What were the causes of the Richard Riot?


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    On March 13, 1955 at a hockey game in Boston between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins, star Canadien player Maurice "Rocket" Richard recieved a severe head laceration in a high-sticking incident Hal Bruin player Hal Laycoe. Richarc responded with a reprisal attack in which he struck Laycoe several times, breaking his stick in the process. Laycoe had dropped his own stick but responded with punches. When the officials tried to break up the fight, Richard punched Linesman Cliff Thompson knocking him out. Both players received penalties for their part in the incident and Richard was forced to leave the game. After the game Boston police attempted to arrest Richard on charges of assault, but were dissuaded when league officials promised to deal with the matter themselves. The league subsequently suspended Richard for the rest of the season, and Laycoe received a citation for misconduct. Richard had long had a reputation for a bad temper and there had been several other incidents of this kind before.

    Richard was very popular among Montreal fans, and on March 17 several thousand gathered at the Montreal Forum arena to protest the suspension. A game between the Canadiens and the Detriot Red Wings was taking place there that night. Several of the crowd attempted to push their way into the forum without tickets, but were stopped by police. At the end of the first period someone set off a tear gas bomb inside the forum and the fire department ordered the game to be suspended and the building evacuated. As the spectators left many of them joined the protesters and a riot began. there was widespread vandalism and looting as several dozen people were arrested.

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