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How come i'm 20 but I act like a teenager or even a high schooler?

I'm like. Really smart, and at the same time...really dumb

Its like know? Its like that man.

When sober its like all good my brain is like pow

but now I can't even think at all.

I can act dumb - I had to dumb myself down in society and wound up a political extremist anyway.

So. Its like that.

I have a pretty face. good thing I don't fight, only uggies have that privledge

Too bad jackie chan movies be cool tho.

His favorite drink yo. Wa-Ta!!! *drumroll*


I can't drink nazarite w.e w.e - I'm higher then ... three feet above my head.

I've never been so happy! *Cries* xD

When you mix like 8 kinds of weed and take that first res hit. Omg the coughing! It was brutal.

Judge me all you want, I'm canadian and we do that here.

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    Don't question it, just go with it. Question it and you'll end up like the rest of us. Cynical, hateful and bitter. You don't want that.

    But you sound pretty ******* stoned so I'll leave you to it. Return to planet Earth if you want.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Dumb? That's the definition of MUTE!!. Has nothing to do with age, maturity or preference of recreational drugs. Teen? You were one for nine or so years. Age 20? You've been "out" of your teens for LESS than a year. Do you think a date on the calender automatically makes you mature?? Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. Start by by asking "why" instead of a pre-adolescent "how come".

  • 8 years ago

    so if all canadians jumped off a tall bridge to their death you'd follow them? what sense does that make? don't you want to be your own person? You act like a nonsensical teen because you don't want to grow up because you've lost some braincells and want to stay a loser and do weed.

    To grow up you have to get away from all that.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    because you're drunk?

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  • 8 years ago

    El oh el.




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