How do i uninstall content keeper?

Okay, so I tried searching other people who asked this question but came upon the same dilemma: they're all on school networks.

I'm not on a school network. This is my personal computer on my home's wireless connection and I try to access some sites and it blocks me. I'm not even looking up porn or anything. I try to go onto and get blocked!

Some info on this computer: It's a refurbished computer that I bought from future shop. It has the Win8 operating system and I'm using firefox. What IS Content Keeper? Is it one of those maturity parental filters things? If it is, how do I bypass it or, better yet, shut the damned thing off?

Thanks for any help I may get!

Amanda Roswell

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  • 8 years ago
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    "It's a refurbished computer that I bought from future shop."

    The solution is simple:

    Take it back to FutureShop, and they will remove Content Keeper, and return the PC to Factory-new condition for you. They never should have sold the PC to you with Content Keeper included.

    TIP: This "Factory-new procedure" is fully explained in the PC's User Manual, too.

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