Does Yahoo even bother to read the questions they remove charging -10 points to your account?

I mean really, I've had some of the most benign questions/statements deleted lately and when I ask for a review they are NEVER approved, and I seriously doubt they even get reviewed. What's your experience, and what the hell can we do about this blatant attack on our First Amendment rights (just kidding trying to make Yahoo answers feel important)...I would however be interested in your opinions/experiences...


Thanks for the Constitution refresher course, guess I'll have to be less subtly with the innuendo's in the future, guess you guys can't tell sarcasm when you see it. I fully realize that Yahoo is a privately held corp.that can within reason set its own guidelines for acceptable vs unacceptable communications... Come on guys lighten up!!!

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    Reports are NOT read for the most part. We are "community moderated"; enough reports by enough trusted users and content is automatically removed. We AGREED to that. We have the right of appeal to counterbalance that issue. ALL appeals are read by staff, many appeals are granted. Personally, I win about 85% of my (few) violations.

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    Y!A only reviews deleted questions when they are appealed. All appeals ARE reviewed by staff. So if you appeal and lose the appeal, you can be sure it was reviewed and was a legitimate violations. It's not a matter of lightening up. We have to at least try to follow the rules since we agreed to do that when we signed up to use the site. I don't agree with all of them either, but I try to follow them anyway.

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    . Yes, appeals are read by a YA staff member who makes a decision as to whether or not the post was a violation If the appeal is successful the 10 points are returned and the post re posted. Most of my appeals have been successful, and have had replies anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of days. YA has posted many times that most reported violations are legitimate violations.Sometimes a post may seem very innocuous but can still be a violation.This may help you in the future. Here are a few very common violations .



    Questions must be of interest to the community, avoid those solely of personal interest, they must be advice-seeking and /or knowledge-worthy. Asking for opinions or "what do you think" unless knowlege-seeking are pretty much always violations. as are always "rate" me type questions.

    Question and Answer format

    Most common violations for not following the question and answer format are not attempting to answer the question as asked or posting a question but using that as a guise to make a statement of the asker’s opinions or rant.



    This from Yahoo. Our points system is meant to reward the community members for sharing questions and answers, so creating multiple accounts or posting content for the sole purpose of gaining points or soliciting others for points is not permitted. Posting filler answers to a question in an effort to be first to answer, or copying and pasting other members' answers, are also forms of cheating.

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    As you will see from my question that I have had a deleted question re-instated in 3 days. I also have had appeals allowed in 6 hours. You often find its the person who is reported just to annoy them. Its not the question or answer. Always be sure to appeal as soon as you get the violation e mail. The First Amendment has nothing to do with anything,and would not help an Englishman.

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    Yes. Customer Care reads them upon appeal (probably more thoroughly than you read the 1st amendment). If you are losing appeals, you probably need to read the guidelines a bit better.

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    They do read the appeals. I have had violations reversed within hours.

    "Freedom of Speech" is a right written into the bill of rights. It does not allow the "government" to restrict your free speech. You have the right to publish your own newspaper or create your own web site and say anything. You do not have the right to make private companies publish your work. They have the right to censor you any way they want. Yahoo is a private company. You agreed to their rules in the terms of service.

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  • Hi =))

    My Q's used to get reinstated

    when I appealed , but now

    rhey do not and I never get

    a reply stating that they will

    not reinstate it . So.....

    I'm just sayin . . . .

    If you are getting reported

    often , make your Q's and

    A's private and know that it

    could be a contact of yours ...

    thanks :)

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