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in how many ways can a person draw five cards from a 52 card standard deck and get?

a) three aces and a pair?

b) three of a kind and a pair? (full house)

2.determine the sum of all the coefficients in the expansions of (x+y)^8?

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    12 ranks remain for forming pair excluding 3 aces

    Pr = 4c3*12c1*4c2 = 4*12*6 = 288 <----


    (choose rank) *(choose three from it)

    *(choose another rank) *(choose two from it)

    = 13*4c3 *12 *4c2 = 13*4*12*6 = 3744 <-----

    2. the required sum can be simply obtained by putting x, y = 1 to get (1+1)^8 = 2^8 <-------

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    well, there are 13 hearts, aces, jacks and clubs in a 52 standard deck. so use multiplying fractions, draw a tree diagram or a chart to help you.

    Source(s): Math Honours Class?
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