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what problems could arise from aboriginal self government?

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    I assume by your use of the aboriginal you are referring to Canada?

    I am not as famliar with the national status of tribes in Canada, but here in the states tribal nations are and always have been self-governing. Of course, this status was intentionally diminished during the late 1800s thru the early 1900s. After the 1930s, however, the feds got out of the way again and many tribes reorganized under IRA constitutions and governments. Over the decades, federal laws and court decisions reaffirmed Native self-government (or sometimes referred to as"self-determination"). The caveat is that tribal nations are sovereign domestic nations that are subject to federal jurisdiction. But, when tribal law doesn't conflict with federal law, tribal law is extended to tribal citizens. It is like how states may have there own laws where federal laws do not specifically address certain issues. Tribes also manage their own lands and business wings or corporations.

    Certain problems arise for tribal governments just like any other nation. There are issues of non-transparency, entrenched bureacracy, nepotism, fraud/abuse, etc. But, there are over 500 tribal nations in the US alone, so it depends on the government you are talking about. Some tribes have very efficient tribal governments and function quite well. Others are almost chronically dysfunctional. So, it really depends.

    I honestly see no problems with tribal nations pertaining to non-tribal nations or people. It is like how I am an American citizen and Canada's national status has nothing to do with me. When I visit, perhaps I am subject to some of their laws, since I am not a citizen of that nation, Canada being a self-governing nation doesn't affect me one way or another. It is interesting though that there is talk from time to time of Quebec independence and one of the arguments against it is, "What about Aboriginal right to form their own independent nations?" In other words, it is pointing out that it is a bit hypocritical to clamor for indpendence...and that you can't get along with Anglo-Canada, while there are Aboriginal nations also living there. It is an interesting political argument.

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    People problems arise no matter what kind of government you have. An aboriginal government must deal with those problems which are commune to each and every human anywhere just as any other government would have to do.

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    I like to be optimistic and as problems arise they are worked through.

    The law would be one of the first problem whether an aboriginal court or a regular courts handle which type of trials


  • For us First Nations? None. Zip. Zero.

    For the Canadian govt and gen-pop of Canada....plenty.

    Right now the Canadian government is in control of trillions of Aboriginal trust moneys. Moneys that came from payment of lands ceded, moneys that came from resource revenue and moneys that come from tribal business ventures that must first be funneled through the government agency Aboriginal and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)....the old Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC) before being dolled back out to the First Nations that already owns it, like an allowance. Its akin to a bank that you have a savings account with, telling you what is and is not acceptable to spend your own money on.

    If Aboriginals in Canada, were to attain complete sovereignty and self government, rather than the quasi state we have now, the Federal govt would loose access to all that money......which they use as a float, to support the rest of Canada. They would also loose access to our lands. All the CNN railways that run through them, highways, gas lines, pipelines. They would loose access to being able to allow mining corporations onto them, and would loose access to the resources contained within.

    For would be great. We would cut all ties with the Canadian govt, and become fully self-sufficient. Each Band running its own resources, with full access to our moneys. It would be an end to the poverty. An end to the ridiculous myths of handouts and tax moneys. It would be nothing but beneficial to Aboriginals.

    Canada won't let it ever happen though....they don't want to believe that we are subsidizing their existence, rather than the other way around.

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  • problems for who? maybe problems for canada since we will be handling our own money instead of the government funneling it through sticky hands. we would no longer be subsidizing canada and they might have to face the truth.

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