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Did anyone else think the silver lining playbook was a horrible movie?

Bradley Cooper is a B list actor! He may be the sexiest man alive but he can't act that well. The whole time I was watching the movie i kept thinking are they joking or are they trying to be serious. I am confused to see this movie getting so many reviews stating that it is deep and emotional. I think he knows hes a bad actor but no one really wants to tell him.


I have been thinking about some of the answers and upon my own reflection of my hatred towards the movie. It is a tough subject for people who have experienced mental illness. I really thought about the first half of the movie and the second half in comparison. The first half was filled with Bradley Cooper yelling and the acting just felt off as if the director told him to talk really fast raise your voice. It did feel like he was trying to hard rather than just letting it feel more natural so it just kind of put me off. I agree with one of the other answers in regards to if he was to mature more than his performances would reflect on that. I watched Limitless and i thought the idea of the movie was great but his acting was still a bit off. I tried watching the Hangover 1 and i couldn't get past 15 minutes of it. There is just something about Bradley Coopers acting that puts me off. The camera work in The silver Lining Playbook was really good so that one positive thing il

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    The movie is suppose to feel kind of sloppy and feel irrational. It's giving the viewer an insider perspective of the main character's Bi polar. That's kind of what its like to be Bi polar. it's highs and lows, and irrational thinking.

    I personally liked the film because other films that have a main character with a mental illness and it's "Romantic" it's so unrealistic and while it makes sense to watch it in one way, it's not rational in another because it's not really the perspective of someone with a mental illness.

    Hope that helps

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    I didn't feel quite as intensely as you do, but I didn't like it very much, it seemed more like a tv movie than a feature film. And if he hadn't stopped hollering I was going to leave the theater. I think he's a player and has not been a serious actor, and yet I think this film may have made a difference for him, that he got to see what it is to really act, so he may have a chance yet. I think he's a lot like Tom Cruise was, skating by on his looks and that got him as far as it has, but he's got to dig deeper. I don't think he's bad actually, just immature - he's behaving the way 25 year olds do and it's time he grew up.

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    I have a friend who is a licensed family counselor and deals with some challenging client with emotional problems. She saw the movie and was amazed how accurate it is in portraying the characters and their problems in it. The relationship and issues between Bradley's character and the parents is dead on accurate to reality.

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    I fell asleep during the movie lollllll

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