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How to do more pirouettes ?

Hi I can usually do 3 to 5 in a row but I am wondering how do a lot of them please help :)

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    Hello! So to do more first you need to go by basics to make sure your 3 to 5 pirouettes are perfect. So what you need to keep in mind is pulling up, stomach in, bottom in, hips in place, shoulders down, spotting, turn out passé, and a high relave. If you don't have a high relave you will only be able to do a single on pointe shoes. Make sure also that you do 200 plie relaves everyday to make your ankles strong and stable which helps you turn. Then on discount dance they have this thing that helps. The link is

    If the link does not work just go to and go to accessories than health and fitness. Then it is like a turning thing called Discount dance supply Ballet Is Fun-Turnboard.

    I hope this helps! :-)

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