i would like to know of any companies who manufacture any types of clothing in canada?

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    Canada Goose clothing.

    Canada Goose (also known as Canada Goose Expedition Clothing Outfitters) is a Canadian manufacturer of cold weather outerwear.

    Roots Canada

    Roots has the highest quality handcrafted leather bags, handbags, purses, briefcases that are handcrafted in Canada from premium Italian leather.

    Canadian Clothing Manufacturers

    Chlorophylle - jackets

    Conifere - outdoor wear

    Far West - jackets

    Mistaya - jackets

    Pacific Trekking - fleece jackets

    Sierra Designs - jackets and fleece

    Tilley Endurables - hats, clothing

    Sportswear Culprit Clothing Co. - sport fashion

    Kobe Sportswear

    Erika Eriksson - Children's wear

    Kid's Only Clothing Inc. - quality childrens clothing

    Just Kids Clothing - clothing and accessories for children under 10

    Double K Gifts - hand made children's clothing and toys, Nova Scotia

    Stanfields - underwear

    Unique PatternsDesign Ltd. - mail order women's custom clothing patterns

    Lotuswear - casual wear

    Silver Jeans

    1921 - jeans

    Velocity Fresh Canadian Clothing, Wear Canada - Canadian image apparel


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    you extremely is actual no longer wearing clothing and tights.you will ought to gown in layers.you prefer solid insulated water resistant boots, sweaters, a fleece jacket with a heavy coat for over it.heat gloves and a solid hat would be a could desire to.

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