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I do something bad. I have cut off as much access as I can from bad habit, but one thing is wrong?

There is this android tablet which gives me access to the bad thing. And it belongs to a family member and they use it as well.

If it were mine, I would have thrown it away to keep me away from it. But I can't. What do I do? Seriously, I need to get rid of it or throw it away from commiting horrible zulm to myself.


I can't control myself...

Update 2:

Brother, you don't understand, I can't control it. I have tried soo hard to stay away. I blocked my computer, I blocked home computer. I don't watch movies. I don't listen to music.

Then all of a sudden I feel anxiety from family problem or have nothing to do. At that point, I lose in that struggle. I know its wrong. I would get rid of the tablet.

What I hate is that there is no such thing as a block for it on the tablet. And even more so how ignorant my family and people are about it. You can't just stop, some people need some goals. I cannot do it without some practical steps. It is not my tablet.

If I put a block of the website, then family will know there is a certain site block then they will know. Be respectful

Update 3:

Astughfrullah, you are only trying to help, I'm just frustrated. Soryr

Update 4:

I am saying sometimes I can't stop myself. Most times I can. And I don't know what to do.

Update 5:

Okay, I can do it inshAllah. AssalamuAlaikum wa jazakiAllahu khaira

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    I think I know what that thing is...what you are doing is a SIN and HARAM and you have to repent and stop doing that thing

    block the site and don't go on it, you have to type in the webaddress in order to access that bad thing so your controlling to access that bad thing so stop doing that ,no1 is telling you to throw the tablet away---that's stupid ,you can just not go on it or not go on those sites

    you CAN control yourself , you need to stop thinking dirty or thinking about that site or w/e you watch, you have to learn to give it up since it is a major sin, your eyes will testify against you on judgement day so stop watching such filth, Allah swt sees you when you are looking at it and it displeases Allah swt when you do such things and your getting sins for it , no1 is making you look at it ,fast, make dua , do dhikr and pray salat

    you have to block those sites or stop using the tablet or the internet


    1. Visualize and meditate on the ugliness of this heinous sin and conjure up images of hell fire as painted in the Qur’an and the Sunnah as many times as possible until such time that whenever you are tempted to visit such websites or read such magazines, the scenes of hell fire will be playing in your mind. Thus, even as you have associated this addiction with pleasure, you will come to associate it with pure pain and suffering.

    2. Convince yourself of the urgency of removing this malignant cancer from your life by taking all measures such as listing all the negative things about such habits, and listing the verses and traditions about the gravity of sins. Remember that it is far more serious than cancer attacking your body, since your soul survives you even after your physical body has disintegrated in the earth.

    3. Imagine how terrible a loss you will be facing were you to die while being addicted to this most heinous sin.

    4.Develop the conscious awareness that Allah Ta’ala is with us : He is watching us, He is hearing us, He knows all and everything about us; We cannot hide from Him; We cannot conceal our actions from Him. Then should we not feel ashamed that in His Presence, we are disobeying Him? Are we not showing ingratitude to the Benefactor, when engaging in sins in His very Presence?

    5. Remember the angels too are witness to all our actions; that the earth is recording our behaviour and that all of it is also noted in our books of deeds – that we are accountable to Allah Ta’ala on the Day of Judgement. Added to this, our actions are also presented to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), so we should give thought to whether our actions are a source of joy or grief to him. …In this manner, we will develop that shame and modesty which will make it easy to restrain from Haraam.

    Source(s): well I am a sister, you can control yourself what kind of nonsense are you talking about , you do your actions and you are feeling weak so you say no I cant stop myself from doing it , that's a lie, if you have will and desire to stop doing that then you will stop, Shaytan is tempting you, you have to be strong and not give into your desires.... Ask Allah swt for help and change your thinking
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    Welcome to my world bro......I have been trying to deal with this problem for longer than you can think....I recently realized how bad it is and how it is not only ruining my social life, but also my health.....The thing is, there is no stopping tomorrow, or there is no thinking that I will stop tomorrow, just after one more day and I will see as much as I want today and completely stop from tomorrow......

    You have to realize that it is bad for your health and will ruin your social life. You will grow up being socially awkward. Just say no to yourself, you are in control of your body. Your lust isnt, neither is Satan...

    Whenever you are home alone, and start thinking about these, just say NO to yourself and move away. Go outside, take a walk, do whatever you can to divert yourself....Also read Ayatul kursi, this will greatly help you dealing with this problem. Good luck.....Dont be ashamed of this, majority of the men suffer from this problem, I consider this as one of the biggest tests given to us by God.

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