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How do Canadian Citizens know if they have a medical coverage?

I am a BC resident (British Columbia) and I am a Canadian Citizen. I went to the hospital last night and after some treatment they let me go without charging me.

I have a CareCard, does that mean I don't have to pay for medical fees? What happens if i move to another province? Let's say Ontario


How do I tell BC to no longer cover me and ask Ontario to?

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  • Fred S
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    Re Additional Details:

    You apply for a heath card. All provinces have them, and they go by different names. When you move from one province to another, you have 90 days to apply for the card in your new province.

  • Sparky
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    8 years ago

    Health and Hospital services are administered at the Provincial level in Canada. When you move from one province to another, you should inform both provinces involved. In your example, BC would like to know that they no longer need to cover you, and Ontario would like to know that they are now responsible for your health.

    Some provinces will cover you as soon as you are resident in that province, while others will cover you once you are resident for at least ninety days. In a case like that, there are usually interim agreements in place that will cover you for the costs.

    BC has fees that must be paid in order to use the hospital services. But you are normally covered even if you don't pay them. They'll usually seize your tax refunds and try to collect later (the fees, not the actual cost of the services).

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Uh, how long have you lived in your country? You have NATIONAL health care coverage.

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