any anime like sao(sword art online)?

Any anime shows like sao(sword art online)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Made by the same author. Has the same concept of fighting to the death in a virtual reality game. Has the same heroine falling in love with the hero in like 4 episodes. Has the same concept of the hero somehow attracting all the girls even though he's anti-social. Has the same strong first half and then fall apart in the second half. (I think everyone will agree ALO arc is inferior to the SAO arc)

    But even though AW is underrated to SAO 'cause Haru is fat, I think AW has better plot (the second half was okay), better character development, and better execution.

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  • 7 years ago

    Accel World

    It's Just SAO And It's Made By The Same People Who Created SAO. In The Anime It's Acctually In The Future After Nerve Gear Was Created.

    Another Anime like SAO is

    Guilty Crown

    For Some Reason It Reminded Me of Sao A little

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  • Blah
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    7 years ago

    ^pretty much any hack anime; people being trapped in a game or something of the sort I believe (only watched one)

    not great in my opinion but meh most related to sao in plot

    not bothering giving other recs amidst all the sao orgasms

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  • Buck
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    7 years ago


    takes place in the fictional virtual reality MMORPG known as "The World". one player, Tsukasa, can not log out of the game, nor has any memories of the real world, and is extremely anti-social. After a Confrontation between Tsukasa and the most powerful guild in the game (The Crimson Knights), a Group of players decide to find out the truth of Tsukasa's condition, and his Connection to the legendary Item "The Key of The Twilight"

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  • 7 years ago

    accel world :)

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