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What is plastic's use in society?

I need this for a science project ASAP! how is plastic useful/not useful/ bad for human? thank you sooo much

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    Plastic has benefited society in a number of ways. In aeronautics plastics have helped advancements in flier's boots and fuel-tank linings, airborne radar systems, solid fuel boosters for rockets, ablative shields for reentry of space shuttles, satellites, shuttles, aircraft, helicopters and missiles, which contribute improve civilian and military air travel, air power and space exploration.

    In addition the building, construction, electronics, packaging and transportation industries have all greatly benefited.

    On the bad side, studies have shown that polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate, bispenol A (BPA) and the chemical phthalates which soften other chemicals to make plastic pliable are bad for our health.

    PBA can leech into items/liquids within the containers which causes decreased lung function, weight gain, resistance to insulin, low sperm count and dna damage to sperm. Infant males exposed (often thru plastic baby bottles) have negative reproductive development.

    BPA leeches bisphenal A out into the items/liquids within containers too. More studies need to be done on humans since bisphenal A mimics estrogen, but in animals it increases diabetes, heart disease and high liver enzymes, obesity, breast and prostate gland cancer, early puberty, low sperm count, infertility and reproductive organ defects. Women who have everyday contact with BPA can have an increase in miscarriages, polycyctic ovarian syndrome - which causes infertility, baldness in those women and ovarian cysts.

    The frightening fact is the Center for Disease Control found BPA in 95% of adults and 93% of children's urine.

    Bayer, Dow Chemical and General Electric produce 6 billion pounds per year worldwide. Between 1980-2000 production grew 5 times greeater in the USA.

    Plastics do not disappear on their own; everything we throw out that is plastic will be here at least 500 years from now

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    Cash. I carry only one plastic card in my pocket. My photo id card. I switch to my drivers license when I'm driving a car. I cannot keep track of more than one card & have never been able to remember not to overspend with cards. It's the sole reason why I can no longer have a bank account. Liens & Judgements would tie up my funds & I'd be starving in the streets until it got sorted out. I can't take that chance. I have never carried a purse & I no longer carry a backpack. It all goes in my pockets & both hands are free when I walk. If I have a package, I carry it on one side & keep an arm free to fend off would-be attackers!

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