why did lord rama built bridge to sri lanka instead of sailing in ship with army?

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    Good question.

    1) Millions and millions of Vanara Sena:

    The vanara sena and bear sena are Millions and millions in number as per Valmiki Ramayana.

    The number of ships required is in millions and thus not practicable!!

    Valmiki Ramayana, Book IV : Kishkindha Kanda, Chapter [Sarga] 39:

    Millions and millions of monkeys arrive with their troop-leaders to the control of Sugreeva. Rama's intent to wage war with Ravana is informed to Sugreeva. And Sugreeva who is interested for requital of the help rendered by Rama informs that all the monkeys on earth are ushered to remain in the service of Rama. While Sugreeva is informing about the arrival of monkeys, in a split-second that place is further crammed up with troops and troops of monkey-warriors.

    Vanara Commanders:

    Shatabali = ten thousand crores vanaras

    Sushena = many thousands of crores of vanaras

    Taara = thousand crores of vanaras

    Gavaaksha = thousand crore vanaras

    Dhuumra = two thousand crores of bears

    Panasa = three crore vanaras

    Niila = ten crores vanaras

    Gavaya = five crores of vanaras

    Dariimukha = thousand crore vanaras

    Mainda and Dvivida = each with a thousand crore vanaras

    Gaja = three crores of vanaras

    Jambavanta = ten crore bears

    Rumana = hundred crore vanaras

    Gandhamaadana = ten thousand crores plus hundred thousand crores

    Angada, the crown prince of Kishkindha = a thousand padma legions and a hundred shanku legions of vanaras

    (Shanka = 10 to the power of 12,

    Padma = 10 to the power of 32

    (Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 28, Verses 33 to 38)

    2) Power of ten:

    Dharmaakuutam commendary on Kishkindha Kanda, Chapter 39:

    The count of the monkeys who followed their leaders cannot be rendered into million, billion counts, precisely. But when all of them are put together they result into the numerals as contained in Yajur Veda taittariiya as said in Dharmaakuutam.

    ‘eka dasha shata sahasra aayuta laksha prayuta kotyah kramashah |

    arbudam abdam kharva nikharvam mahaapadmam shankhavah tasmaat ||

    nidhih ca antam madhyam paraardham iti dasha guna uttaram samjnaah |

    samkhyaayaah sthaanaanaam vyavahaara artham kritaah puurvaih iti ||’

    3) The powers of 10 upto the power 17 have technical words in Sanskrit:

    'Eka dasha shata sahsra ayuta laksha prayuta koti arbuda

    Abja kharva nikharva mahapadma shankha jaladhi antya madhya parardha'

    Eka = 10 to the power of 0

    Dasha = 10 to the power of 1

    Shata = 10 to the power of 2

    and so on ................

    Madhya = 10 to the power of 16

    Parardha = 10 to the power of 17

    (From Bhaskaracarya's 'Lilavat'

    Dag aparardham = 10 to the power of 18)

    4) Samudra Raja's suggestion & Nala's skil:

    (i) Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 21 & 22:

    The careless ocean did not appear in his personal form to Rama, even when it was requested to do so. Rama becomes angry at the ocean and looses fierce arrows, which cause a terror among the creatures inhabiting the sea.

    When Rama is about to release a missile presided over by Brahma from his bow, the sea-god appears in person before him with joined palms and advises him to get a bridge constructed by Nala across the ocean.

    (ii) Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 22, Verses 43 to 47:

    "........ Ocean the lord of rivers spoke these words to Rama who knew all scientific treatises."

    "O, excellent man! This one, named Nala, a glorious person, is the son of Vishvakarma; who was given a boon by his father and is equal to Visvakarma."

    "Let this greatly energetic monkey build a bridge across me. I can hold that bridge. He is just the same as his father."

    Thus speaking, the god of Ocean disappeared from that place.

    Then Nala said to Lord Rama,

    "The great Ocean disclosed a truth. I will construct a bridge across this large Ocean, taking recourse to the skill and ability of my father."

    5) Edited:

    (i) The water was not shallow in Ramayana times.

    Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 22, Verse 26:

    Sea-God said to Lord Rama,

    "Therefore, I am fathomless and my nature is that it is impossible of being swum across. It becomes unnatural if I am shallow. I am telling you the following device to cross me."

    (ii) Poetic exaggeration assumption:

    Poetic exaggeration is sometimes allowed in poems and even the number of army is in lakhs, the road march is the most effective way for attack.

    The bridge was constructed in just five days according to Valmiki Ramayana (Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 22, Verses 66 to 70).

    The celestials and Gandharvas, the heavenly musicians saw Nala's bridge, having a width of ten yojanas and a length of hundred yojanas and which was very difficult to be built (Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 22, Verse 74).

    This shows the dedication of Vanara Sena and Rama Nama Mahima!

    1 yojana = 13 km to 16 km

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    why did lord rama built bridge to sri lanka instead of sailing in ship with army?

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  • 4 years ago

    Rama Bridge

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  • Lutty
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    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/ayj2k

    He indeed toured with the Australian teams in 1930, 34, 38 and 48, whistle stopping in Sri Lanka as it says here. I could go on about the length of the pitch and the Australian bowlers delivering 2 yards further back, but it wouldn't be in keeping with the spirit of things. It was really just exhibition cricket at the time but now it is an interesting document in the foot notes of history. I'm not going to make a case either way for the figures accrued, just to say that cricket is all the richer for these strange little anomalies that turn up from time to time. I admit that I didn't have a clue that he had even played in Sri Lanka - Ceylon as it was then - but thanks for sharing the link anyway.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think Sri Vidya Rajgopalan has given the correct answer. But the Answer is very long. Let me explain you in short. Ram built a Bridge instead of ship because he thought, if in the war with Ravana more army of Varana is required then it will be easy to bring reinforcement through a Bridge Than to send ship.

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  • Gale
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    4 years ago

    Great piece Dinith & its an honor to have Sir Don playing in Ceylon and in the Sub Continent. I am not good at stats & history but I heard about how long Sri Lanka played, before getting their Test status. That delayed status also helped SL in achieving early success. Its so nice to read that the grounds were full to watch the great batsman. That means cricket has been getting its due love from our people, right from the start & reason why we are so fanatic about it. Also agree that bowlers who got him out, no matter on what kind of wickets or in exhibition matches, they had a lot to boast about that to their grand kids. It certainly is a grand achievement on their parts. Don't know whether or not to get into, what could have been, had Sir Don played in the Sub Cont regularly but however much he played, it was indeed an honor. A very good job, for letting us know this piece of history, thank you..

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  • 7 years ago

    Lord Rama's army had two engineers Nal and Angad (but did not have anyone to construct ships and navigate them in sea. Also, there was pausity of time. They constructed a floating type bridge which saved time as compared to building ships for such a large army. This might be the reason.

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  • 7 years ago

    The mythological stories have always some roots. Either they want to give some moral message or they build mind catching stories on some geographical site.

    It is a well known fact that Aryans came to India from north and gradually pushed the natives, contemptuously called Rakshasas, to far south. Rama's war against Ravana is nothing but very mind catching epic.

    There is underwater connection between Lanka and mainland of India existing for the past several millions of Earthyears. This is very intelligently converted into building a bridge by monkeys. Muscle power of animals was used as energy source during early human civilizations. To adore these animals, divine qualities were assigned to them. Use of monkeys by Rama is one such example.

    Orthodox persons are not convinced of the modern scientific developments. and they oppose for oppositions sake.

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  • 7 years ago

    Because for a simple reason at those days there is no technology advancement like how we have now . so its impossible to cross the other side of bank with crores and crores of warriors and weapons , so only way is to go by walk . so that's why lord rama built a manual bridge consists of hard rocks which is even now can be seen from Satellite map .

    Also as a god there is no need for rama to built such a long bridge , with his single bow power he can make a path easily , but didnt do that , he want to live as normal human and to set the path of dharma to rest of the world . what we should learn from that is that " Nothing comes without hard work "

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  • 7 years ago

    lord Rama built bridge to sri lanka instead of sailing in ship with army to make something for commen person that solve the problem that type he is facing, Ravan is the king of lanka and he was save becouse commen person can not reach for him and in lanka there ware lots of crime but the people of lanka could not appose Ravan, makeing bridge Rama give them a chance to appose ravan and mix in Rama's army.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The way to go lies within AR 670-1. "Conservative prescription and over the counter shades are approved for put on much more a garrison atmosphere, except much more formation even though inside." Whether it's organized pt,you'd be in formation which may not let your soldier to put on their shades. Hope this can help!

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