How come I cannot hear the clicking sound with my wireless mouse?

I have the Logitech Performance MX Wireless Mouse and for some reason I am not able hear the clicking sound when I click on any link, url etc. I have went into the sounds and made sure that "Start Navigation" was selected but the problem still persists; I have checked the settings of the wireless mouse but still not change either.

Is there something that I am supposed to be doing. I would really like for someone to help me on this issue that I am having.

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  • 7 years ago
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    oh yes, i forgot, i installed an old soundblaster audigy gamer in my pci slot, same noise. I also switched the pci E slot for the vid card.. same noise. Driving me crazy! i feel like ive tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to be working. I brought my computer to my dads house, and it seemed like it wasnt anywhere near as loud.. which made me think maybe it was from my outlets.. but wouldnt lifting the ground from the surge protector fix that?

  • 7 years ago

    Im taking a shot at the community here to see if maybe i can be helped. I am having an issue that i have researched extensivley and have not found an answer. When i move my mouse, or i scroll a window, or i move a window, i hear a scratching or buzzing sound in my speakers. I have found many topics about this issue, but have not found a solution. Heres what makes mine unique i think. I hear it in my onboard audio, i hear it in my firewire audio, and i hear it in my USB audio. I have ruled out any of the 3 causing the problem. I have ruled out my speakers because its in headphones as well. I have tried a different power supply and it is still there. Its not my monitors causing it, i have disconnected those. There are no open lines in my mixer. I have tried using a ground lift on my power strip which didnt fix it, so i think that rules out ground loop?.

  • 7 years ago

    Are you expecting a clicking sound from your speakers? Usually the only sound is from the little switches in the mouse itself. Who wants extra noise when you click the mouse anyway?

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