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Christians is it true God hates all things holy and righteous that is why he is the only one holy?

For as it is written only God is good, and praise the Lord right?

We all know the heavenly father could make us all like him as holy and righteous for it is written he can do all things and all things are possible for him as he walks the only one good and smiles at the world with his glory of grace.

Issiah 43:25 says he can forgive without the blood of one has to think sense God loves walking the only one good as per Christians that God the father with all his love and glory wished to nail his son up to a cross and display his power and might how he can over come the he walks the only one good and dances how he can beat the living crap out of his son shouting I can rise him from the dead.

So sense God is the only one good, and he can make us all good, either you are all NOT like the great seeker seeking to be AS holy AS him and righteous, or he knows he is a weak God not able to make us like him, and he displayed his so called glory by nailing his son up and with great power shout I AM A GOD, I AM!!! I AM!!!, I CAN BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF MY ONLY BEGOTTEN SON AND DISPLAY POWER AND GLORY and shout I CAN the devilish God walks all by himself snivelling in his glory, only he is holy and righteous and his blood can set you all free.

One has to wonder who is wicked the Christian's that say God is the only holy and we will make sure of it and is IMPOSSIBLE for us to be like him.........or God, which by my faith has not said he can not do it, but says all things are possible... BUT just has not done it yet unto me...and has me ranting and raving wanting and waiting for Gods holy spirit to make me AS holy AS him and righteous.


Clanad: I know you well Christian. YOu think one little sin separates you from God. But that is not true. YOu do seek to be like minded with a God that calls you all filthy as rages before him, and you all dance how he can nail his son up and shout what father would not?YOu do not see the love of God sinner. We all serve a God that is holy, and righteous and he WALKS ALL BY HIMSELF. YOU HAVE NO FEAR, but you can dance our this father can nail his son up for you all.

Update 2:

Windsong : There is none holy as God for none seek to be. Rom 3:11, and are rom 3:10. You should be Prov 9:10, Job 28:28. But you will not hear me and are Rom 3:10 and you will all dance how he loves being the only one holy and righteous for he feels like a God, and a father that could nail his son up for you all shouting his wonderful glory how he can rise him from the grave, as he prides only he is good...AND YOU SHOULD ALL SHOUT IT UNTO HIM, THANK GOD ONLY HE IS HOLY FOR WE ARE NOT, AND GLORY TO GOD HE CAN NAIL HIS SON UP AND RISE.

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    My answer is not going to sway you. I really don't have all of the time to look up every verse I would need to explain anything here. Your view on the Bible is incorrect however. You have to read more of it to get the character of God. I would have to point out at least 500 verses to show it to you though.

    I will say this though, we are not held to impossible standards. They are possible through self control, prayer, selflessness, love, and a few other qualities. Yes it is harder, however, still it is possible to be holy. Yes the people of the time in 1 Samuel 2:2 there was none holy. There is none who have always been holy. It is something you must work towards.

    Again, this is not going to sway you at all. You either don't believe Christianity, or are very skewed in your beliefs of it, or are very frustrated with your religion. Either way, you wouldn't listen or understand unless you knew the heart of the Father better.

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    Wow, you have no idea what you are talking about----hopefully you will wake-up before it is too late.

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