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Taking a week off work after being hired 3 days ago?

Hello, I have just been employed as a full time sales rep, but sadly my sister was put into a coma due to a hit and run. If I ask for a week off as she may not ever wake up:'( would they be able to terminate my employment as I'm still in the probation period?

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  • HD
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    all you can do is talk to your boss, a decent employer should understand.

  • JD
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    My sincere apologies to you for this tragic situation. Typically it is never a good idea to take too much time off from employment during "probation" period. In said period I'm sure there is a clause that stipulates such. During this time they wany to see how consistent and reliable you are. After that six months time, after having been determined a good employee, you will be offered benfits and health care. Furthermore you will have more protection from being terminated.

    Your circumstance involving your sister is an extreme case and will most likely be accepted by your supervisor as legitimate. Technically he could terminate your position but for your sake he most likely will not. Even bosses can have a heart once every now and then. (: As a sales rep each day you aren't there is another day their products do not properly get represened and incidentally potentially loss of profit for that company. Again, your case involves your sister and it is quite serious and as such I am confident you will be excused for one week without any penalty.. I really hope your sister gets better. God speed.

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    I am not sure why you would need a whole week off work because your sister has been hurt as sad and difficult as it may be for you. I would suggest that you speak to your boss but I am afraid I am not sure that they will grant you a week's compassionate leave while she is ill. In other words if you state that you want to take this time and are intending to then yes your boss is perfectly within their rights to terminate your contract or at least to extend your probation considerably. Your boss also has no obligation to pay you for any time you take for compassionate reasons. If however you explained to your boss the situation and the doctors were able to call you and you could arrive at the hospital at short notice then I am sure your boss would allow this degree of flexibility for the time that your sister is ill. I hope that your situation with your sister is not as desperate as it sounds but if it is then I am sorry for you, it is awful to lose someone close suddenly.

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    Check with your Human Resource Department. They will be able to tell you what the policy is for your situation.

    Then have an open and honest conversation with your boss. Tell him everything you mentioned above. I would however, just ask for two to three days off, however. Given the circumstances, you may get some time off.

    Sorry to hear about your sister.

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  • George
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    7 years ago

    If you have no employment contract or union contract that allows such a leave of absence then your employment is considered "At Will" and they can terminate you without notice and without a reason.

    You are still under probation and have not worked long enough to qualify for FMLA so they can terminate you if they chose to do so..

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    i daresay you are taking a huge risk and yes the can absolutely terminate you because of the fact that you are in the probationary period but they could also fire you even if you werent in that probationary period so.... that part really doesnt matter. however, asking for permission wont simply get you fired, they can surely deny you such a request and you will then have to decide what is most important. if you leave, without permission, you will be fired. if you ask, get permission, then chances are you will not be fired due to having permission. ASKING never hurt anyone..... its the actions you take after permission is DENIED that will seal your fate with your job.

  • Carlos
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    You can get fired for sneezing the wrong way while on probation. I'm sure it's a difficult time for you but business is business. They are not obligated to give you off, nor are they obligated to hire you full time once your probation is up.

  • Yes, you are taking a risk because of the probation period however because it's a family emergency you should have no problem taking a couple days off... not sure about all week though

  • 7 years ago

    They could possibly. But I don't see that happening, given the circumstance. You need to let them know everything that is going on. A woman I work with who was only hired a couple weeks ago has taken a week off due to her mother having a stroke and being diagnosed with cancer. Tragedy happens, hopefully they are understanding.

  • 7 years ago

    i think in this case your sister is definitely more important from your employment. As long as you told them about this situation i guess they should be able to cope for one more week as no one used to be there before you was there. I hope your sister gets better,

    Best wishes

  • Tavy
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    7 years ago

    UK answer. You can ask, but technically there is nothing you can do except sit by her bed. Yes they can let you go.

    Hope she recovers soon.


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