What book series should I read?

I'm 17 and want a good book series to read. Atleast with a solid 3+ books would be nice. I want it to have a love triangle, because I loved The Hunger Games and currently watching The Vampire Diaries. It can be fiction but not too mystical, something on the lines the two above series I listed. I want something good to read over the summer! Any good suggestions? And if so could you give me a brief description. Thank you all!


Thanks to the people who responded! You all have lovely choices and very much appreciate your imput!! :)

Update 2:

Again thanks to everyone! Wow you are all amazing. I'm defiantly taking into consideration of "Matched" and "The Selection". Also to the one below who wrote the exerpt. I am defiantly going to read that this summer, sounds very mysterious and hearth-throbbing!! Also I will take a look at some books that are only one book altogether! Someone listed one below but I forgot what it was, they said a longer book with a great a man who has the best love chemistry? I'm not completely sure who said that but I will look below and read it! Thanks again guys if any other feedback please let me know :)

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    I definitely agree with L...Matched is a great series if you want a love triangle...it's sort of like the Hunger Games...it's futuristic and it's about this girl named Cassia Reyes, she's seventeen, and the beginning of the book is about to be Matched; or; have her future husband chosen for her. I won't tell you who she gets Matched to, but then, when she tries to look at her future husband's profile on the portscreen, another face shows up; which means the Society (the place where she lives) made a mistake. So, throughout the series, it deals with the love triangle AND the Rising against the Society. I may be rather off...I read it about two years ago.

    Also, you COULD read Legend by Marie Lu...it's not exactly a love triangle, but it deals with a street con named Day, and a high-up prodigy called June Iparis. When Day tries to steal the antidote for the plague that his family is infected with, the soldiers begin to chase him, and he stabs June's brother in the shoulder, which kills him. (There is a slight change to the way he dies which you will find out later on in the book) June sets out on a quest of vengeance to find Day and turn him into the Republic. (who are constantly fighting with the Colonies for land, which as the war continued, turned to a downright rebellion.) But when June is rescued by Day from a Skiz fight and is wounded, Day begins to become attracted to her and June is as well, though it takes longer. I'm probably slightly more accurate with this one than Matched XD the third book in this series is not out yet though.

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    Divergent is a wonderful series about a young girl in a future Chicago. There are 5 different factions, each values different qualities. It's is a wonderful series (the 3 comes out in October) also, the man she falls in love with is better an an fictional boy friend you will ever encounter. Matched is also a good series as mentioned in above answer.

    Although not series, try some classics liken catcher in the rye or the great gatsby. Both great books.

    I love to read too and I'm sure you will like these books

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      Now that you've read champion are you broken yet?

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    Tree Shepherd's Daughter, a trilogy, some humor as a Valley Girl encounters Elves at a Renaissance Fair. Has the love triangle angle, good writing, and plot.

    Also worthwhile: For Couples Only, Shaunti Feldhahn; good insight.

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    If you loved The Hunger games and looking for a good series to get into I recommend "Gardens and the Warrior of Heaven"


    It was sometime in the twenty-first century, when one discovery revolutionized the world further than any ever before it. This was the discovery of a nonlinear power, which lies inside of every living and nonliving organism on the planet. Its discoverers termed it Meteora. With it came the ability to tap into a clean, seemingly unlimited source of energy.

    With further study, it was found that only a few genetically gifted individuals could use this power World War III was fought between these new beings and the United Governments of the world. After fighting to a stalemate, the governments and the beings who had access to this power, now known as Homospiritus, came to an agreement called the Accords.

    Code 23: By law, all children born who are capable of using Meteora will be taken for safety reasons to Gardens to learn to control their powers, and serve the greater good of the commonwealth. Which meant to become a soldier in the army of the new world order. Tenchi was four years old when they came for him. Despite the best efforts by his mother to keep him hidden and safe, he was taken by force to Juneau Gardens, which is the home of the Homospiritus and the new governing order of the former United States of America, now named Juneau.

    Eventually, he is sent on a mission where he encounters terrorists with nuclear arms who have also taken their own dark dive into the use of Meteora, only to corrupt it. Tenchi is given the chance to abandon his mission and continue his own, which has always been to return to his mother. But now he is faced with a choice, to return home or to fight to secure and prevent the misuse of The Sword of Heaven, an ancient weapon of unparalleled power forged of Meteora itself. If not kept in check, The Sword will throw the world into an apocalyptic age from which we may never recover, a fate that will visit both Homospiritus and humankind alike.

    Enjoy! Happy Summer reading!

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    The Inkheart series

    12 year-old Meggie lives with her father, Mortimer (called Mo), a bookbinder. Mo never reads stories aloud to Meggie because he has a special gift: when he reads a book aloud, the characters come out of the book and into the real world. One night, when Meggie was a small child, Mortimer was reading aloud from a book named Inkheart when an evil villain named Capricorn, his aide Basta, and a fire-eater named Dustfinger escape from the book and into their living room. At the same time, Mo's wife Resa gets trapped within the book .

    Twelve years later, Capricorn is on a hunt to find and destroy all copies of Inkheart and use Mo's abilities to gain more power for himself in the real world. Meggie discovers her father's secret and, along with the help of Dustfinger and Meggie's eccentric aunt Elinor, fights to free her father and destroy Capricorn.Along with the help of Farid,a boy mortimer read from the Arabian Nights,who she falls in love with.In the third book she meets Doria after incidents of Inkhearts and Inkspell who she also falls for.

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    The Twilight Series

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    I would STRONGLY suggest The Host, because it had the awesomest love triangle... But it's not a series :/ it's a large book, though lol... And definitely Divergent! Other than that, I would have to agree with the other answers :)

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    Have you tried Matched? There are 3 books in the series.

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    7 years ago

    The Selection (trilogy) has an amazing love triangle. As soon as you think you want her to fall for one guy, the other does something startling sweet. Love them so much!

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      I love the Selection, it's just an amazing book :)

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    i love both of what yo listed above, and i think based on that you would like Infernal Devices. its a trilogy about a girl going to london to search for her brother but gets kidnapped. she eventually gets rescued by a handsome and sarcastic guy who says hes a "shadowhunter" she also meets jem, quiet yet sweet. its SUPER AWESOME and i really think you would like it.

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