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what dangers did the chinese have to face during the construction of the Canadian pacific railway?

can u also tell me about the different types of diseases ik about scurcy but was their anything else also have were the chinese discriminated in china back then

plz try to answer as much of the questions i just asked sas u can ty

ty for the help if u help

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  • 8 years ago
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    The biggest thing they faced was the weather, working in the freezing cold winters with little food, little heat and in poor accommodation.

    Then there were the dangers not only from the weather, but from the jobs that needed to be done.

    It seems you need to do a lot of reading if you want to understand about medical problems etc

    Chinese railway workers made up the labour force for construction of two one-hundred mile sections of the Canadian Pacific Railway from the Pacific to Craigellachie in the Eagle Pass in British Columbia. The railway as a whole consisted of 28 such sections, 2% of which were constructed by workers of European origin. When British Columbia agreed to join Confederation in 1871, one of the conditions was that the Dominion government build a railway linking B.C. with eastern Canada within 10 years. British Columbia politicians and their electorate agitated for an immigration program from the British Isles to provide this railway labour, but Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, betraying the wishes of his constituency, Victoria, by insisting the project cut costs by employing Chinese to build the railway, and summarized the situation this way to Parliament in 1882: "It is simply a question of alternatives: either you must have this labour or you can't have the railway."[3] (British Columbia politicians had wanted a settlement-immigration plan for workers from the British Isles, but Canadian politicians and investors said it would be too expensive

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