how could i fix this problem?

I have a puppy about 9 weeks old labador chow mix and he is getting really aggresive about alot of stuff and refuses to was on a leash and crys like crazy if forced and he is getting to the point i cant just let him out since we have leash laws

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  • 8 years ago

    At nine weeks he couldn't have received all his necessary vaccination and so, should never leave your property since he is very susceptible to any number of very contagious viruses that could kill him.

    As to getting him used to a leash. Leave a collar or breast type harness on him 24/7 for a few days and he'll become very accustomed to wearing it. Then, snap a leash on it and let him drag that around the yard and house for a while - just be sure to supervise so he doesn't get hung up on things.

    In the meantime, you can practice leash training in your backyard. And, after he's completed his puppy vaccination series, sign up for an obedience class - they can teach you how to train your puppy.

  • 8 years ago

    Micheal he's only 9 weeks old so what do you expect from a baby/pup. here's a link from the master then i will give you my advice about your gorgeous Chow mix pup.

    My advice is to just play around with the leash for a few days and he can see it's not going to kill him, then slip it on his collar link and give him a treat and say 'good boy' then just carry him outside with the leash hanging loose and once he sees and smell new sights he will be off like the happy pup he is. Ive a GSD pup and this is all I did my dog has a linked chain and I clip the leash onto that, he enjoys his walks so much that he gets the leash for me.

    Enjoy your puppy.

  • 8 years ago

    needs lots of training and lay down a few rules, dont tollerate it and make it known you are boss.sounds like a headstrong dog that gets its own way aha! try a harness on in the house and give treats when he walks around i the harness. get him used to it and walking with a lead on around the house then take this training outside. hope this helps

    Source(s): my dog used to do it. training payed off.
  • paul
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    8 years ago

    use a harness and a dog run..... can get then at pet stores ....wal mart ....lows..... home depot

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