What our the Jewish beliefs on Justice?

PLEASE READ: I know Jews are very logical in their beliefs & I'm curious what they believe about Justice.

In Christianity, all Sins were absolved when Jesus died on the Cross (if you accept Jesus & believe he was the Son of God and all that jib-jab) That means that all Wrongdoing (Like theft, murder rape, torture, and torment of OTHER Human beings) is forgiven by God even though the Crime was committed against a real life person. In other words, the sinner is never punished & the victim is left without any real sense of Justice served.

Since Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ or his ability to wash away your sins, what are your views on Justice & wrongdoing (Sin)


EDIT: What ARE the Jewish beliefs on Justice, is what I meant to type.

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    answer: Jews have always believed in absolute justice. One of the 7 laws for non-Jews to be considered righteous is to set up a just legal system.

    You are right, in Christianity there is no real atonement to the victims of any sins. In Judaism we have the Day of Atonement which is for atoning for sins done against Gd. Jews are required to make amends TO THE PEOPLE WE'VE HARMED throughout the year before Yom Kippur, then and only then can we approach Gd and ask forgiveness.

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