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Is mexico a good country?

Hi I am from Canada but I would like to move to south america a little while or maybe permanently. I speak fluent Spanish so language will not be a problem. But I am not sure if Mexico is a developed country? (Sorry for the ignorance) and also is it a good place to live?


Never been to Mexico too

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    Mexico is a developing country, so you will encounter a lot of poverty and extreme wealth. It is very modern in some areas, and very medieval in others. Overall, Mexico is an amazing country, the culture is so diverse (Aztecs ruins, Mayan ruins, Cathedrals, Music, Cuisine) every region is different from one another. I would definitely recommend you moving to Mexico, specially Mexico city. You will certainly not get kidnapped in Mexico city, just like any other big metropolis you need to be careful, I'd say that if you stay away from the slums you will be fine. There are plenty of secure gated communities with 1st world amenities throughout the city. Moreover, since our currency is very cheap, you will be able to afford luxurious commodities, like renting a nice high rise apartment for around $1500 Canadian dollars, in one of the hippest neighborhoods of the city, (Polanco, Condesa, Roma, Santa Fe, look them up).

    You can try teaching English and that could get you a visa, but that would not give you enough money to live like you are in the first world, if you don't make enough money I don't know how much you would like it, it all depends on your personality.


    Mexico city, Guadalajara, Puebla, Merida, Playa del Carmen, Vallarta (SAFE)

    Here are some pictures of the city







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    Mexico is NOT in South America. You need to look at a map. You cannot just "move " to Mexico. you can enter Mexico with a tourist permit and stay 180 days, but NOT work. You get the tourist permit ( FMM) on the plane or at the border. The cost is about $25.00...and is included in the airfare if you fly. It is not free. You cannot work in Mexico unless you can find an employer to sponsor a work visa for you...very difficult. You cannot get a work visa for a common job...you must be well-educated ( sorry, you will not meet THAT requirement) and have much needed job skills. To get a residence visa in Mexico, you must have at least $2000 a month steady, documented income from outside Mexico to prove you can support yourself. No income, no visa. Mexico is a developing country...very modern and developed in many ways, but still with a lot of poverty and problems. Many of the countries in Central America and South America are similar. You need to get an education and make a success of yourself where you are. At this time, you could not qualify to immigrate to any country.

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    Mexico is an industrialized country in North America, geographically it's not in South America. I don't know where blazer heard mexico is not friendly to tourist, I am from mexico and everyone I knew was friendly to tourist, it's one of the top tourist destinations in the world just so you know. It's not a first world like Canada or the US but it's not third world or poor like people say, it's industrialized and it's better off loads of other developing countries. You can't just move to mexico unless you get an FM and an employer hires you, but I heard you can in touristy places like cancun or alcapulco where they want native english speakers.

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    Mexico City is a exciting capital that beguiles its visitors with endless choices so pick the very best choice with hotelbye . Mexico City is among the biggest urban areas on the planet, with 16 boroughs and significantly more than 300 neighbourhoods. Many of the very most visited tourist attractions in Mexico City are focused in the Historic Centre, including the Plaza de la Constitucion or Zocalo, the National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor, Palace of Fine Arts and Alameda Park. Several blocks north of the Palace of Fine Arts, Plaza Garibaldi is one of the greatest areas in Mexico City to listen to live mariachi music.

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    You cannot just up and move to Mexico. Mexico is not in South America.

    You can fly down and get a free FMM for 180 days. If you like it, and can meet the requirements for residence, you can apply. In the beginning you cannot work until you get a work visa. The employer must certify that he cannot find a Mexican that can fill the requirements, so if you do not have an advanced degree in a few limited science, i.e. petroleum engineering, it is not going to happen. But let's just say it did, it will be only for that one employment and does not extend to any other job in any other company.

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    I am from mexico and am going to get straight to the point. "Mexico hates tourist, you will get kidnap and rape and they will ask for a lot of money "millions". Stay away for your own good.

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